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    Swimming with natural hair can be a task all on its own. If you’ve been hitting the pool a lot or plan on vacationing this summer, it’s best to have a plan when it comes to your natural hair and chlorine.

    Coat the hair with conditioner

    Before jumping in, apply conditioner to your hair to protect it from the chlorine using tgin’s Replenishing Conditioner.  After the conditioner is applied, tie your hair into two braids and then place a cap on. You’ll pretty much be good to go.

    Shampoo hair immediately afterward

    As much protection as the swimming cap and conditioner provided, its imperative you shampoo your hair right after getting out of the pool.  Try using our Sulfate Free Shampoo for Natural Hair.   By doing so you’re not preventing the chemicals in the pool to settle in your hair and cause serious damage.

    Clarifying Shampoo

    If all you have is what you normally use to wash your hair, that’s fine. However, if you have a clarifying shampoo, now’s the time to use it. The clarifying shampoo is specific for getting rid of the chlorine and other chemicals that can harm your hair. If you’re unsure of which type of clarifying shampoo to use for your texture, talk to your stylist and ask for his or her opinion.

    Deep condition

    It’s common knowledge deep conditioning your hair is a must if you want it to be healthy. However, deep conditioning your hair after a dip in the pool is damn near mandatory. The conditioner you applied was to help protect it from the chlorine. Now, you have to restore it. If you swim regularly during the week, up the deep condition treatments to twice a week.  If you haven’t tried our Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner yet, then now is the perfect time.

    Leave In Conditioner

    To lock in the moisture from deep conditioning, follow up with a leave in conditioner. Try tgin Green Tea Super Moist Leave In . It will help to replenish your hair’s natural oils ,  fight the frizz., and leave your hair feeling smooth and manageable.

    All the tips are simple steps any woman, with any hair texture, can take to ensure their tresses remains flawless. Practice makes perfect ladies, so if you’re swimming for your physique; make sure to practice these steps to keep it all together. Hugs and rubs chicas!

    For more tips on caring for natural hair, check out my book Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair now available on and at Barnes & Noble, and Whole Foods Stores.


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