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    Have you heard of facial rollers? Rose quartz and Jade facial rollers are becoming extremely popular in the skincare world and for good reason. Facial rollers are said to help balance skin, alleviate redness, and give skin a more rejuvenated look. Here is everything you need to know about facial rollers.

    Facial rollers work to help skin absorb products. They are used to help reduce puffiness, unclog congestion in skin and the crystal ones are also said to have healing powers. Jade helps to relieve the skin of tension in the face and is great for anti-wrinkle treatments. Rose quartz facial rollers help improve skin’s elasticity, eliminate toxin’s and tighten and reduce the size of pores.

    To use facial rollers, start with clean freshly washed skin. Once the skin is clean, apply your favorite facial products or serums. Once the products are applied, go over skin with your roller in an upward motion. Be sure to gently go under and around the eyes. After you are finished rolling, your products should be penetrated into your skin and your skin will be left glowing and healthy.

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