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Self Care: Small Hacks To Give you Clearer Skin

Self Care: Small Hacks To Give you Clearer Skin


    I’ve been practicing self care and self love more frequently this past month which has resulted in weightloss, an overall healthier feeling allover, clearer skin, more productive work week and overall increase in my daily happiness. If you have been looking for a change in your daily routine these tips and tricks may work for you.

    1. Weekly Facial

    I went to school for esthetics so I know a thing or two about skincare but mostly that the daily things I do for my own skin I did not have to go to school to learn as I credit learning most of what I know about natural skin care due to working in the body care department at a health food store. Weekly facials give my skin a good clean look and feeling as I’m not always able to go all in like i’d like to in the mornings. To give yourself a facial is pretty simple. Buy products that are geared towards your skin type be that sensitive, oily, dry, combination you name it. Start with a wash, next exfoliate being sure to get rid of all dead skin on the surface next you want to apply a mask for a good ten minutes rinse, tone and moisturize. This once a week facial will keep your skin glowing and healthy looking throughout the week.

    2. Makeup Free weeks

    I’ve been trying something new and not wearing makeup except on weekends. I can admit i’ve been a slave to foundation since I was in 5th grade! Having older sisters that were into makeup made me see the beautiful difference that a little bit of foundation and mascara could do and I became hooked at a very young age sometimes not even wanting to be seen by my own friends without makeup on! Crazy right? I’ve been learning to love my skin just the way it is and ditch makeup during the week and my skin has been clearing so much. I’ve never had acne aside from a few bumps here and there in highschool and the occasional breakouts even at thirty, though not wearing makeup has dramatically made a difference in my skin and I see noticeable changes daily. If you aren’t quite ready to completely ditch makeup try going a few days maybe even a week without makeup and immediately washing your face when you get home on the days you do.

    3. Going Raw

    I dont eat meat, very occasionally eat seafood and as much as I love pizza and soul food macaroni and cheese I try to avoid dairy as often as possible. I try to eat as much raw fruits and veggies as possible and compliment that with water all throughout the day. I’m no nutritionist but I can see the changes my body has made since eating more plants and less man made products. My cycles have become lighter, shorter and I rarely have cramps, my nails are long and strong, my hair grows like a weed, my skin is so much clearer and healthier, I’ve lost a few pounds not to mention no longer having eczema breakouts. If you are a meat eater try to have meatless Mondays or simply add more fruits and veggies to your diet and cut out processed foods like bread, dairy, chips, cookies etc as much as possible. Trust me your entire body will thank you.

    These are just three small hacks i’ve been practicing that have made my life so much better and can do wonder for you as well.

    Will you be trying any of these hacks?

    Ashley Renee is a writer, poet, and natural hair enthusiast from Chicago residing in Los Angeles. You can keep up with her on ig @ashleyreneepoet 


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