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No Shave November Caring For Your Beard With tgin

No Shave November Caring For Your Beard With tgin



    In honor of #NoShaveNovember tgin will be dedicating this month to helping out our natural hair counterparts and all of their needs. That’s right fellas this month is all about you! Here are a few ways to care for your beards with the help of tgin.


    Our Quench 3-In-One Co-wash Conditioner and Detangler is the perfect wash for a busy man on the go. Quench cleanses your hair without over drying your skin and detangles as you wash.

    2. Rinse 

    Once you’re done thoroughly washing and running your fingers through your beard to detangle you want be sure to rinse out any product from your beard to avoid buildup.

    3. Apply

    Finally apply our Argan Replenishing Hair and Body Serum. This serum keeps the hair well moisturized and also moisturizes the skin underneath.

    4. Go

    That’s there is nothing left for you to do but hit the road and go. Be sure to reapply the argan oil as needed but keep in mind a little bit goes a long way.



    What’s your favorite tgin product for your beard? 


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