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    Whether from heat damage, product damage, chemical or styling damage, we can all use a periodical curl boost. If you’ve been noticing a change in your curl pattern or hair loss recently, keep reading these helpful tips and tricks to restore your curls!



    Believe it or not, diet is everything when it comes to both internal and external attributes. When you are eating a diet full of fruits, vegetables and tons of water, not only does it benefit your internal health but also your hair, skin, and nails. Lay low on sugary and processed foods and drinks, ditch alcohol and double up on water.

    2. Check your products

    If you’ve recently started using a different brand or even a longtime favorite that you suspect may be affecting your hair, give those products a break and see if your hair and scalp health begins improving. Try our Miracle RepaiRx Collection to get your curls back in shape!

    3. Cut back on heat

    Heat can cause excessive damage to natural tendrils. If you’ve been overusing heat lately, opt for protective non-heat styling and trim those damaged ends.

    4. Wear protective styling

    We get it, sometimes you simply want to wear your hair out, but curls blowing in the wind isn’t always healthy for our hair. Protective styling like loose buns, high puffs, braids and twists can often help to prevent breakage, curl damage and keep hair protected. Try wearing protective styles until you notice a difference in your hair.

    5. Try scalp treatments

    If you are noticing hair loss, flaky, or excessively dry scalp, you may have an issue with your scalp health. Avoid usigng shampoos with sulfates and parabens as they can dry out the scalp, instad try our Miracle RepaiRx Strengthening Shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and conditon. Our Tea Tree Oil Detoxifying Hair and Scalp Serum works great to rub on the scalp for fighting bacteria and promoting hair growth.

    Trying these methods should help you see a difference in your curls and hair health. If you don’t see any progression after a few months of trying these methods be sure to contact your physician.

    What’s your go-to hair revival method?


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