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    It can be hard trying to find the right products to use when regrowing your hair from chemo. Sometimes your hair texture changes and you want to be sure you are also using the most healthy products for your hair. We here at tgin have a first hand experience of what it means to have to completely grow your hair back after losing it due to chemo and cancer with our very own CEO being a breast cancer survivor. These products have been tried and tested to greatly improve your hair and increase growth.

    1.Miracle RepaiRx Anti Breakage Serum

    Our Miracle RepaiRx Anti Breakage Serum is the perfect daily serum for regrowing hair. This lightweight oil not only smells amazing but also is great for preventing breakage, locking in moisture and leaving hair stronger. Often after chemo therapy hair can grow back very weak and brittle so a good oil is perfect to use. Our Miracle RepaiRx Anti Breakage Serum is also great for hot oil treatments.


    2. Miracle RepaiRx Deep Hydrating Hair Mask

    Babying hair is super important when regrowing it especially after something as traumatic as chemo. You want to give your hair everything it needs and then some. Our Deep Hydrating Hair Masque is packed with nutrients and carrier oils including Black honey, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba seed oil and much more. Coconut oil is able to penetrate directly to the hair shaft and keep hair moisturized while jojoba oil promotes healthy hair growth.

    3. Miracle RepaiRx Curl Food Daily Moisturizer

    Another product to use that is amazing for daily use is our Miracle RepaiRx Curl Food Daily Moisturizer. The curl food restores nutrients in hair while hydrating dry damaged hair and promoting healthy hair growth. This thick and creamy curl food is perfect for restoring moisture to dry damaged hair.


    4. Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner

    Our Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner with argan oil penetrates the scalp which nourishes the roots and makes for healthy hair growth. Hairs natural oils are replenished while green tea and aloe enable better blood flow to the scalp promoting hair growth.

    5. Curl Protein Reconstructor

    This deeply detoxifying reconstructor pulls toxins including dirt, excessive oil and buildup from the hair and scalp so much needed nutrients and moisture can get in. This gentle yet effective formula moisturizes the scalp and smoothes the hair cuticle, promoting strong healthy hair growth.

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