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6 Tips for the Perfect Wash N’ Go for Natural Hair


    One of the greatest things about going natural is the freedom that comes with not having a relaxer. Twist outs, rod sets, braids and two strand twists are great, but nothing compares to being able to just wash and go. While I’ve been natural for nearly eight years, I’m just learning how to get the most out of my natural curl pattern without any kind of manipulation. Note, I have accepted the fact that I have a very tight curl pattern (4a/4b), and that I’m never going to have loose wavy ringlets or Shirley Temple-esque curls. In recent weeks, however, I am starting to give my hair a little more freedom to do what it does, rather than combing through it with a Denam brush and/or wide tooth comb. Both of these tools are great for detangling, but they can sometimes work against your curls.

    Here are some simple rules to follow based on my own experience that may help you to maximize your curl definition. Don’t be afraid to adjust certain procedures for your hair texture. But these simple steps are a great starting point and will make your curls the coolest thing since free nights and weekends.

    You’ll need

    ● A hood dryer, or a blow dryer with a diffuser

    ● tgin Green Tea Super Moist Leave-in conditioner

    ● tgin Argan Replenishing Hair & Body Serum

    ● tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer

    ● tgin Twist & Define Cream

    Tips-How to

    ● Cleanse your hair while in the shower tgin’s Sulfate Free Shampoo for Natural Hair 

    ● Condition your hair with your favorite conditioner and rinse. Try tgin’s Green Tea Super Moist Conditioner

    ● After rinsing, don’t towel dry. Allow your hair to drip dry. I have also found that walking around with a plastic (thin) shower cap makes my curls draw up even more.

    ● Be careful not to go against your natural curl pattern. If you can, use your fingers to detangle your kinks, as opposed to a comb or a Denman Brush. This will help to preserve your natural curl pattern.

    ● Apply leave-in conditioner from root to tip and moisturizer. Use tgin’s Daily Butter Cream for added moisture. For extra hold and definition, shingle hair with tgin Twist & Define Cream.

    ● Style as desired. Depending on your hair type, your style should last for at least one or two days. Just be sure to mist your tresses with water every day using a spray bottle, and dab on a little tgin’s Argan Oil for added moisture.

    **** Optional: To minimize curl shrinkage, sit under hair dryer set on medium heat for 10-15 minutes or use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to allow the curls to set. I know this sounds crazy, but after the curls have set, I have also started using a blow dryer (2 mins max) with a comb on the end to stretch my fro out and to give it a fuller look. Note, heat can be damaging to natural hair, so you’ll want to keep this practice to a minimum or special occasions.

    There you have it ladies. It doesn’t require a lot of work to make your curls sexy and vibrant. Trying different products will also help to add shine, moisture or bounce to your hair. Remember ladies it doesn’t take much to look fabulous, all it takes is a little effort.

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