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    Winter is here…but what does winter mean for your hair? Dry air, cold and heavy winds, and in some places plenty of snow…all take its toll on your locks. How can you fight back?

    Tip One: Get to the root of the problem!!!

    Prepare your hair for the season’s harsh conditions…before they arrive. Winter presents a double-edged sword when it comes to keeping our hair moisturized. The cold, dry air outside can literally suck the moisture right out of our hair…but so can the heat from keeping indoors so cozy and comfortable. This makes deep conditioning an essential element to healthy hair during this time of year. It is crucial that you remember to deep condition with a heat source for at least thirty minutes every two weeks or more regularly all winter long.

    Tip Two: Extra protection is better protection!!!

    So many of us identify winter with chapped lips, and dry skin…everyone thinks of chapstick and lotion…but don’t forget your hair needs the same attention. An important part of caring for your hair during the winter months is simply moisturizing more often. If you’re going to wear your natural hair out, make sure you’re spritzing it with water every other day to keep it soft and moisturized.

    Tip Three: Bring out the big guns!!!

    While using these products regularly during warmer, more humid months might lead to an undesired result, winter is the perfect time to break out the heavier treatments such as LeKlair’s Cholesterol Conditioner.

    Tip Four: Moisturize more often but wash n go less!!!

    You know your momma told you that walking around outside in the cold with a wet or damp head will make you sick. But did she also tell you it will dry out your hair? Wash less. During the wintertime, washing your hair once every seven days to ten days. If possible, make it wash your hair at night time when your hair has an opportunity to dry before heading out the door in the morning your morning departure. Repeat after me, Wash and Go – is an absolute NO – in winter months.

    Tip Five: Cold weather is the perfect time for a hot oil treatment!!!

    Hot oil treatments are great for this time of year and you can be pretty flexible with their application…use them after you shampoo as usual or before you shampoo for a quick pre-shampoo treatment. You can even rev this treatment up a notch by mixing in some of your fav deep conditioner. I’ll be posting my favorite homemade hot oil treatment recipe sometime next week.

    Tip Six: Accessorize!!!

    Don’t be afraid of adding a little style to your winter wardrobe by wearing hats. They not only spice up your weather gear…they protect your hair from drying wind and weather. Boost this protection up a notch by simply inserting a silk or satin lining into your hats or sporting a sating bonnet under your cap.

    Tip Seven: Protective Styles Are What’s Up!

    Winter is the perfect time for wearing protective hair styles and experimenting with a new look. Braids are great in the winter. You can also try sporting a wig or getting a sew in for a couple of months. I’m getting kinky twists this weekend to protect my hair from the harsh Chicago elements and to give my hair a break. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m looking forward to not having to comb my hair for two straight months. While wearing a protective style will help your hair to lock in that much needed moisture and retain length during those winter months, remember just because you wear a protective style does not mean you can completely neglect your natural hair.

    Although you never want your hair in bad condition, it is vitally important to be sure to enter the winter season with a healthy head of hair. The harsh conditions of winter is not the time to be re-building your hair, it’s time to go into full protection mode! By following these simple tips, you’re sure to keep your hair in tip-top condition…despite any bad weather conditions! Ladies, here’s to a hair-fabulous winter!!!

    For more information about caring for your natural tresses, pick up a copy of Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair, the book that Essence Magazine calls “Your Natural Hair Bible”. Thank God I’m Natural makes the perfect Xmas gift for the special woman in your life whether she’s natural, lock’d, transitioning, and is now available in the TGINStore for just $9.99 this holiday season.

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