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We’ve been loving Pantone’s hot new color this fall 2014 — and have been spotting it everywhere! The super pretty dusty, or as Pantone calls it, ‘Misted’ yellow that is not quite pastel but is not quite mustard. It’s got a rich golden undertone which works perfectly for fall but is neutral enough to look great on every skin tone. If you’re scratching your head as to how you may be able to work misted yellow into your fall ensemble this season…the mystery is solved!

We’ve rounded up these 10 fun ways to rock misted yellow this fall–some far more bold than others! Be a little bold this fall and play around with some of these looks if you dare!

yellow-lipstick-arise-magazinePhoto courtesy of

1. Yellow Lips

This may sound crazy! But is sure to make heads turn. Would you ever try out yellow lipstick?

ccd998b6b82c6d80239036a885c67994Photo courtesy of

2. Misted Yellow Pants

Jeggings, leggings, or skinnies are very cute in this neutral autumn shade.

904b3b3ca077f7ee8359d54e9c0d4a65Photo courtesy of

3. Misted Yellow Phone Case

Just because you’re not wearing it, doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing this all the time! Maybe it’s time to upgrade your phone case.

7867b0f664c69b45fcf2ef8665e42dd3Photo courtesy of

4. Misted Yellow Flats

Maybe the easiest and most comfortable way to slip on some misted yellow garb.

043c991a0098a34594d976f0c8f05c01Photo courtesy of

5. Misted Yellow Wedding Cake

Fall wedding? Misted yellow makes for adorable floral wedding cake toppers.

7fc2b525e8383d75261d59ae2d4002d4Photo courtesy of

6. Misted Yellow Kicks

If you’re more of a Tom boy and flats aren’t your thing — try misted yellow Converse shoes.

dd8a2ec5c15e7fee03973c2e237d3c14Photo courtesy of

7. Misted Yellow Scarf

Nothing says fall like a gorgeous chunky misted yellow infinity scarf.

e72103d9de497c80a33a877e0b1ab907Photo courtesy of

8. Misted Yellow Earrings

These adorable floral earrings add an effortless subtle pop of color to any outfit.

47d62d163fce9c2a80332557249c832fPhoto courtesy of

9. Misted Yellow Hand Bag

Weather you prefer a handbag or clutch, rock misted yellow every day with a cute purse or tote.

UntitledPhoto courtesy of

10. Misted Yellow Jacket

Bundle up warm for fall chills with a striking misted yellow pea cote or jacket.


Dora Sobze is a PR executive, writer, and social media strategist by day — and freelance blogger by night. If you’re feeling crafty, hungry, stylish, or in need of natural hair tips, check out her blog or for her latest spinach recipes. She’d love to chat with you on twitter! Follow her @la_ti_doe.

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