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Adults aren’t the only ones rocking natural hair. Curly, kinky, afros and natural hair styles look adorable on children, too. Many of the same styles that look stunning and elegant on adults look just as acceptable and age-appropriate on young children. Inspiration for hair styling your child, younger siblings or infant family members and friends is as simple as a quick Google search or, even quicker, a scroll through this list of our 25 favorite natural hair styles for kids. Warning: some of these styles are just so cute, you may just want son or daughter of your own when you’re through!

968c12903a6c95c2106175d2e0ae5116Photo courtesy of

1. The Funky Frohawk with Bangs

dec044afffdb6b86362ddf6c8817f2d4Photo courtesy of

2. Multi Part & Twists

4af0a0ac251885be3538c2c777bc75d4Photo courtesy of

3. Short and Spunky with Thin Head Bands

878d5aa6424b3e17357e6be116153939Photo courtesy of

4. Oversized Afro Puff

652e6a3d50836cdb2c7363fd413ce558Photo courtesy of

5. Middle Part

3e7bfe1845c0e5083e04fc436ffc97cbPhoto courtesy of

6. Chunky Headbands with Chunky Unraveled Twists

1ae37da1947a2c3105a6034a52cfb1c5Photo courtesy of

7. Mini Braided Fauxhawk

b10cb9c3e5c8326675bf6145569e6525Photo courtesy of

8. Curl Rod or Curl Former Set

1187b33dc632d412893cd4a7f3a21ec2Photo courtesy of

9. Big and Wispy Waves with a Chunky Floral Headband

f59c43322c263c7756729ce42eb496a3Photo courtesy of

10. Long Puff Pony/Up Do

22084fa1a69f08ec3511a7cf2a3c55e4Photo courtesy of

11. TWA with Some Cute Accessories

338ab7dc8dfc35bf5c3785c06d2df1aaPhoto courtesy of

12. Tapered and Picked Out TWA

c3c3ce32c998f6f5d29470749f5ad8e3Photo courtesy of

13. Chunky Braids

248ceaceb717533424640d9dc71ded8cPhoto courtesy of

14. Loose Twists

cf1dd03586968f0154e9825c73ca3a7bPhoto courtesy of

15. Messy Bun/High Poof

08cd4886be12680db324deddb952c57cPhoto courtesy of

16. A Double Poof!

84132a4e2a0a47d0384ffae951cc1fefPhoto courtesy of

17. A Billowy Hat

6b9f00c599117eba167f5278ee5dd6b3Photo courtesy of

18. A Cozy Beanie

0a3f06dc40ff9ece826b2f49812ce577Photo courtesy of

19. Adorable locs

658c64ba48045b5b4fb2904c83784cf2Photo courtesy of

20. A Faux Crown

d090b4b310afd86f562e032e359cc21fPhoto courtesy of

21. A Single Corn Row Wrap Around

9b01342a921c0443524b39bd57338cb8Photo courtesy of

22. A Chunky Scarf and/or Band

2716997fe017f90215b8d535a1c3205ePhoto courtesy of

23. Cropped to Shoulder Length

eda55d130b482c1bdf9e19bf9cdd821dPhoto courtesy of

24. Two Beautiful Puff Bows

2d8b65ab1af00d1eb2d3fb9c60c78fa2Photo courtesy of

25. The Side Pony

It’s way difficult to chose which of these would be our favorite! We are torn…

Tell us, which of these kids looks best suits your style? 

Dora Sobze is a PR executive, writer, and social media strategist by day — and freelance blogger by night. If you’re feeling crafty, hungry, stylish, or in need of natural hair tips, check out her blog or for her latest spinach recipes. She’d love to chat with you on twitter! Follow her @la_ti_doe.

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