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 Music can really take you there when you’re pushing through a workout. The rhythm, the build, the bass- everything can really work together to take you to new heights! Also, studies show that people who work out to music burn more calories on average than those who don’t. [1] [2] The pacing of the song, measured in beats per minute (BPM) can also enhance your workout. [3] Here’s my cardio playlist (from a slow start to a big tough finish) for a great 35-minute run/bike: 1. Philadelphia Morning (Rocky 30th Anniversary Edition) 2:22 [Slow warm up] 2. Going the Distance (Rocky 30th Anniversary Edition) 2:39 [Slow but building] 3. I Wanna Go (Britney Spears) 3:30 [All warmed up and starting to push] 4. Evacuate the Dancefloor (Cascada) 3:27 [Pushing!] 5. Part of Me (Katy Perry) 3:35 [Pushing!] 6. Blow (Ke$sha) 3:40 [Feeling the burn!] 7. The Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga) 5:20 [Feeling the burn!] 8. Where Have You Been (Rihanna) 4:02 [This is IT!! Burn it out!] 9. Dancing on My Own (Robyn) 4:46 [Slowing down] 10. I Was Here (Beyonce) 3:59 [Cool down – You did it!] You can also check out Self Magazine’s favorite playlists here for more ideas!

*** So what’s on your workout playlist? *** was started by Helen Ogbara, an attorney and health enthusiast, inspired by her experiences cooking diabetic-friendly meals and getting fit at home through workout DVDs. ChicFitChef offersdiabetic-friendly recipes, exercise & fitness tips and personal health-awareness interviews. Visit for a fresh perspective on living a healthy lifestyle!

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