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imageIt’s the ultimate taboo: natural hair and humidity never seem to mix. There’s nothing like perfecting your twistout, only to have your beautiful kinks and curls demolished by the weather – it’s important to find products or try different things to combat the humidity on your hair. Here are three tips for handling humidity this summer:

– Play with your hair texture. image

There’s always the “not every hair texture can rock a wash-n-go,” taboo, but wearing your hair in the plainest state could be easy on your hair. You learn to work with your texture because, in the humidity, the beast is exposed!

– Try using more “butters” image

I know, it sounds crazy, but simple things like shea butter can help maintain some of the frizz on your hair. Butters and pomades don’t “weigh down” the hair, but, instead, tend to seal in more moisture, preventing your curls from falling or becoming a frizz mess!

 Protective Styling image

While braids may not be your first choice, try other styles to give yourself a break from playing in your hair, too much. Popular trends this summer had returned us to our 90’s phase, where the “Poetic Justice” braids have been a hit among everybody! Not your style? Have no fear, it’s only one of many. Whatever protective style you choose, remember to keep your hair moisturized; dry hair leads to breakage, and nobody wants that.

Say “hello” to summer weather ladies, it’s here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Well, we hope not.



Alana Patrick is a Natural Hair enthusiast and writer for “Reset Your Crown” magazine in Virginia Beach, VA. Connect with her through Instagram at Bee_Shore, where she shares her daily trips, tricks, and antics as the “curly haired nerd,” or at

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