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    The tgin Foundation has partnered with the transportation network company Lyft, to provide affordable and reliable transportation services for Chicago area women of color, going to and from medical facilities for breast health screenings and chemo appointments.

    Why this is needed
    • Breast cancer patients may have to travel further distances for life-saving medical diagnosis and treatments
    • The expense of travel affects women of color when it comes to receiving treatment
    • Lack of transportation is one of the biggest roadblocks to obtaining treatment

    Lyft awarded the grant to the tgin Foundation to aid the Foundation’s mission to support women of color undergoing treatment for breast cancer, highlight the impact of health disparities on survivor outcomes, and stress the importance of early detection for women under the age of 40. 

    In the city of Chicago, Black women are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than the general population. This partnership will help eliminate transportation barriers that prevent women from obtaining a clinical breast exam, mammogram, attending follow-up visits or seeking treatment. 

    We will provide roundtrip Lyft ride credits to and from the medical facility (up to $15 each way). Visit to see if you’re eligible and get your free lyft credits. 

    Be on the lookout for our billboard on MLK Drive in Chicago!
    tgin, lyft, rides, transportation, free lyft, breast health, breast cancer awareness

    Apply here for your free credits

    Click here learn more about the partnership


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