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@MoKnowsHair Reviews the tgin Moist Collection Line

@MoKnowsHair Reviews the tgin Moist Collection Line

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Check out this wonderful review by Social Media Sensation Monica Stevens – @MoKnowsHair.  She recently had the chance to review the entire tgin Moist Collection line.  Check out more on her review here!


Recently, I had the pleasure of using and reviewing the entire TGIN moisture rich hair and body collection. I have seen these products around the way, but had yet to try them, and I must say, I was blown away!

I decided to set my hair with small flexi-rods, by twisting instead of rolling. I have used this technique on others to produce more dynamic spirals, but had not yet tried it on myself. Typically, I use foam setting products for any type of roller setting, however, when I touched the Twist & Define Crème, the viscosity of it combined with the ingredients gave me reason to believe that it would create a smooth, silky finish with lots of hydration and lightweight hold.

I was right.

My hair was so incredibly bouncy, perfectly defined, with zero frizz, making this collection a total win! I used the Sulfate Free Shampoo to cleanse, followed by steaming the Honey Miracle Hair Mask and prepped with the new Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner prior to setting my hair on flexi rods with the Twist & Define Crème. To finish, I used the Argan Replenishing Hair and Body Serum to separate and fluff.


Let me tell you, the serum is perfect. I have tried many blended oils over time and this one not only is very lightweight, with a very silky texture, it has one of the most pleasant scents I have ever smelled! Everyone I walked by that week asked me, “What do you have in your hair? It smells so good!”

My flexi-rod set curls lasted seven whole days! I could have definitely gotten more from my style, but it was time for washday. Each night, all I did was pineapple my curls and sleep on my satin pillowcase. No re-rolling, no re-wetting. Just perfect curls, each day.

It is clear that the TGIN collection was made with natural curls’ needs in mind. We need moisture, but we also want products that work well together, create lasting styles, are reasonably priced, and leave our hair feeling smooth with lots of luster. TGIN is simply amazing. 

See a full product review and step-by-step style instructions in my Twist Rods with TGIN tutorial!




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