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Miracle RepaiRx FAQ’s Get To Know Our New Line

Miracle RepaiRx FAQ’s Get To Know Our New Line



    Our Miracle RepaiRx line is here ladies and a lot of you have been sending us a lot of questions and we’ve got the answers you’ve been waiting on. If you aren’t familiar with our new line the Miracle RepaiRx line is our newest haircare line dedicated to repairing heat, color and every day damaged hair while drawing in moisture, keeping hair conditioned and promoting healthy hair growth. Check out our frequently asked questions below.


    1.How does this new product line differ from your Moist Collection line of products? 

    This collection has been strategically formulated for textured hair, which has been damaged due to lack of care, color, protective styling, and environmental factors. The Miracle RepaiRx Collection is infused with black honey and coconut oil to smooth the cuticle over while cleansing to help heal strands and reduce breakage. You can read more about the differences here 
    2. Is Miracle RepaiRx safe for color treated hair?
    Absolutely. Our Miracle RepaiRx line was created to help repair color damaged hair. Our Moisturizing Shampoo gently cleanses without the use of sulphates to cleanse hair while our Deep Hydrating Hair Masque adds hydration back to your hair, You can read more about the benefits of using this line for color damaged hair here. 
    3. Is Miracle RepaiRx safe for children? 
    Miracle RepaiRx is safe for all people to use however it greatly benefits those with heat and color damage which typically is found in older people. Great products in this line for children are our Curl Food and
    4. Will the Miracle RepaiRx line help my hair grow?
    Our Miracle RepaiRx line can definitely help promote healthy hair growth. This line helps repair exisiting damage while allowing for hair to grow healthily from the scalp.
    5. Can men use the Miracle RepaiRx line?
    Of course! Men can absolutely use the line. Many men tend to gravitate towards our Anti Breakage Serum to reduce frizz and flyaways for their hair and beards and our Curl Food as a moisturizing leave in.
    6. How do I use the products? 
    We have dedicated an entire blog to let you know exactly how to use the Miracle RepaiRx line you can check it out here.

    Have you tried our Miracle RepaiRx line?


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