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Making Time for Yourself While in a Relationship

Making Time for Yourself While in a Relationship



    In new relationships especially, we tend to become very consumed with our significant other – often forgetting about other important aspects in our lives. Signs you may be caught up in your own romantic whirlwind include anything from constant complaints of girlfriends to loss of interest in your own hobbies.

    Feeling like your life is revolving around your relationship? It may be time to catch up on some “me” time.

    Go to the Spa.

    Nothing says you’re enjoying some me time by planning a day at the spa. All girls like to get pampered. Call up one of your friends and set date. This is a great time to release some of those stressors you’ve been carrying and catch up on some girl talk.

    Pick up a Hobby.

    If you’re left wondering what you like doing without your boo; try new things. Maybe there was something you really enjoyed doing before this relationship and you haven’t done it in a while. If you’re looking for some new things, check out sites like Groupon or LivingSocial. Sites like these always have new things in your area for a discounted price. Nothing beats a deal!

    Create a Workout Regimen.

    Working out has been proven to not just improve your health, but improve your mood. Create a workout regimen during the week and stick to it. It’ll lighten your mood and give you some much needed personal time to think and your clear your head.

    Create a Girl’s Night.

    Try leaving out one night a week that works for you and your friends and do something different. If you’re not a big club person (like me), find something that you all will enjoy doing. Go to the movies, to dinner, or maybe just create a night that’s at a different friend’s house each week.

    Hair Care.

    Don’t forget that “me” time also includes caring for your hair. Try a new hairstyle or maybe new products. Decide whether the current regimen you are using is working and if not try something else. Maybe it’s time for a trim. Make sure that you are picking at least one day to take care of your hair needs.


    Remember, all things need balance. The time spent with your significant other, your friends, and time spent with yourself is important. But without balance, someone’s missing out.


    Alecia is a natural hair enthusiast and new blogger. She is a new mom of one who has been natural for about 7 years. In addition to her passion for healthy hair, Alecia works full-time for The National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC). Keep up with her personal hair journey at  Also, look for her on Instagram: @alecia_miamore and Twitter: @lavendarblonde_


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