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Braids can be a highly effective way to maintain natural hair and keep hair protected as a protective style option. However it’s also easy to forget to care for your natural hair beneath the braids, as well as knowing how to maintain them while keeping the integrity of the style and still keeping your natural hair well moisturized. These tips and tricks will allow you to keep your braids healthy-looking while also keeping your hair conditoned.


1.Cleanse natural hair

Before you braid your hair, your hair shoud be properly cleansed. When washing your hair, be sure to massage your scalp to be break up any dirt, oil and residue. If you are looking for an effective shampoo to use before braiding your hair, try our Rose Water Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo with Rose Water and Hibiscus. This hydrating shampoo promotes hair growth while moisturizing and protecting hair.

2. Condition hair 

Our Rose Water Sulfate Free Hydrating Conditioner pairs with the shampoo and works to detangle strands, reduce dandruff and stimulate hair growth. After hair is thoroughly detangled and conditioned, rinse well to prepare for styling.

3. Apply leave in conditioner

In order to have flawless braids and maintain healthy hair beneath, it’s crucial to apply a potent leave in conditioner to hair before styling. Our Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer for Natural Hair with shea butter and vitamin e adds maximum hydration for natural hair locking in moisture and preventing breakage.

4. Keep braids moisturized

Once your braids are in, it’s important to keep hair well moisturized and conditioned. The friction between braids and hair can cause breakage, and damage to natural hair. Keeping hair well moisturized while braided can prevent breakage. Spritz braids with water as needed and apply our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair and Body Serum to braids.  Our oil helps restore life to dry, damaged hair, and helps strengthen and re-grow hair.

5.Shampoo braids as needed

We get it, washing braids can seem like a task all on its own, as well as can cause the style not to last as long. However, if you plan on keeping your hair braided for more than three weeks, your hair is going to need water. Simply applying oils to braids can cause buildup. Gently wash your hair with one of our cleansing shampoos as needed and rinse thoroughly.

Keeping hair cleansed and conditioned while braided can help with maintaining healthy hair while your hair is protected. Be sure to check out all of our before getting your braids done.

What’s your go-to products for maintaining healthy braids?



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