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Health and Fitness Alert: What’s the Skinny on Weight-loss Teas

Health and Fitness Alert: What’s the Skinny on Weight-loss Teas


    Weight-loss teas have become extremely popular over the last few years with claims  made of losing weight quickly while boosting your energy and beating the bloat! It’s nearly impossible to sign on to your favorite social media sites without seeing your favorite celebrity advertising their favorite teas to their millions of followers. If you’ve been questioning whether or not you too should join the tea party, we may be of some assistance.

    The Facts

    Many teas claiming to help shed those pesky pounds contain an ingredient called senna. Senna contains chemicals that have laxative like side effects and should not be taken for long periods of time. Senna does not cleanse the system at all. In fact senna is known to irritate the large intestine which just results in the laxative effect.

    What to look for

    Though Senna may mostly act as a laxative there are natural herbs that do help to actually clean your system while aiding in weight-loss. Ginger, lemongrass, and dandelion have all been branded great cleansers for your body. Dandelion cleanses the liver, is high in fiber and antioxidants. Lemongrass tea is good for cleansing the liver, kidneys and bladder. Ginger has many properties that support the digestive system making weight-loss a breeze!

    How to get the most benefits

    To ensure you are getting the most out of your tea it’s best to take it with as little added ingredients as possible. Lemon and honey are fine to add and can actually help the weight-loss and cleansing process even further. Avoiding sugar, milk and any additional creamer or flavor will assist you with getting the most out of your tea.

    Remember no matter how much tea you are drinking if you aren’t eating a proper diet and exercising you aren’t going to see dramatic results.

    Have you tried any weight-loss teas?

    Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, Mac makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, follow her on instagram at @ashleyreneepoet or personal blog Why I Waited


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