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    It happens to all of us, you meet someone, fall in love and before you know it, you’ve gone up 2 pants sizes, have a constant hankering for pizza and movies, and begin starring at the scale wondering where the heck that extra ten pounds came from! If this sounds familiar, you have fallen victim to relationship weight ladies! Ah yes, the dreaded extra pounds occurred while dating, that seems to begin sometimes after month four and never seems to go away. Don’t fear, there are not only ways to stop this from happening, but also to get rid of it for good!

    1. Interactive dates

    In relationships, it is so easy to become lazy, after a long day of working sometimes all you really want to do is cuddle with your love and see a movie or go to dinner. This is fine on occasions, but if you are trying to shed pounds or stop them from sneaking up on you, you need to get active. Try planning dates that require you to move around. Walking downtown or visiting a museum or art gallery, are great ways to burn calories without even thinking about it.

    2. Bust a move

    Be active together, try adding a weekly activity to your calendar that you and your love can do together. Try something you both enjoy such as dancing, bike riding, a fitness class, indoor rock climbing, hiking, skating, or swimming. This way instead of laying on the couch together bonding over pizza, you can begin making new memories and bonding over an activity that you both enjoy, while staying fit together.

    3. Change your diet

    Sadly, even if you are active, if you are eating crap every day, your body will reflect that. Changing your diet is imperative in not allowing those relationship pounds to sneak up on you. Go grocery shopping together and opt for healthier options. If you have no clue what to get, look up healthy recipes online, you can even make a date of it, cooking together can be fun and relaxing. Not a big fan of pulling out the pots and pans? Looks up healthy restaurants in your area. A lot of chain restaurants also now have low calorie or vegetarian meals offered as well, so there are no excuses.

    4. Set goals together

    Setting goals is great but it’s even better when you have someone else holding you accountable for sticking with those goals. Set realistic goals as a couple, make it fun. Have mini competitions, challenge each other to see who can stick with the goals set in place together, do weekly or monthly weigh in’s or measurements. Remember not to be too hard on yourself or your partner.

    5. Reward yourself

    What is the fun of working so hard together if you aren’t going to reward yourself? Rewards do not have to be a cheat meal or day, instead reward yourself to a shopping spree,  spa day, or mini vacation. These things do not have to be exceedingly expensive, you can plan an inexpensive day trip somewhere not too far, plan a spa day at home, or even go out for a nice healthy meal together! Enjoy your life, your partner, and stay fit!

    How will you and your partner stay fit together and beat the relationship weight blues?



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