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    Today’s beauty industry is always in need of fresh, talented individuals who will bring their A-game each and every day. However, in such a cutthroat industry, it can be hard to find dedicated team players who hold themselves accountable, and it can be even harder as an applicant to break into the industry and establish a career. There are certain patterns and qualities that can truly make or break an applicant’s chances of getting hired. So, to help you put your best foot forward and absolutely slay your interviews, I’ve compiled a few interview tips that will assist in your success in the beauty world!

    1) Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

    Although the beauty industry is more laid-back and accepting of certain lifestyles than the average corporate business, a certain level of professionalism must be maintained, especially on social media. When interviewing, it’s important that you remove all content from your social media accounts that may be considered inappropriate (i.e. photos of you in revealing clothing or videos of you taking shots at the bar). It’s common practice nowadays for hiring personnel to go through all of your social media pages with a fine-tooth comb, so make sure everything is clean and portrays you in the best light possible!

    2) Comb Your Hair

    Break out the toothbrush and edge control, girl! Protective styles are always encouraged to keep your hair nice and healthy, but beauty businesses, especially those in the natural hair realm, want to see your real hair! It’s important to show your future employers that you understand their customers’ needs and can advocate for the products or services they are selling. So let those curls fly free, and rock them with confidence!

    3) Wear Something Cute Yet Professional

    You can never go wrong with a blazer, a silk camisole, and a nice pair of pants. This is even true for video interviews! First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to the interview process, so it’s imperative that you put your best foot forward and come dressed to impress! Of course, comfort is also key, as interviewing can be super stressful. Just make sure that your desire for comfort does not override your overall professional look.

    4) Apply Some Makeup

    Lipstick, eyeliner, and nicely arched brows can go a long way in impressing your future employers. Although you may think no one is paying close attention to your makeup, beauty professionals definitely are! Coming to your interview with a beat face will no doubt show your future employer that you understand the nuances of the industry and strive to take care of yourself each and every day. Adding some press-on nails or a fresh manicure is also a plus!

    5) Know How Companies Are Different from the Competition

    With so many beauty companies out there, it can be difficult to decide which companies are worth your time and energy. It can be even more difficult to stand out among the dozens of other applicants going through the same process. Proper research allows for you to determine which brand is a good fit for you. Authenticity is more detectable than one may realize. Too often, people make the mistake of blindly applying to any and every company without knowledge of its values and how it competes with other businesses, ultimately showing up to the interview with little to no knowledge of the company itself. It’s important for you to take the time to figure out what sets certain companies apart from others and bring up those points during your interview. This will show the interviewer right off the bat that you take the initiative in all that you do and that you care about the team’s mission. 

    6) Be Yourself

    Companies are looking for smart, innovative workers who are assertive, love beauty, and know how to have fun. To truly be successful, you must love working in teams, be open to constant feedback, and be a multi-tasking ninja, but above all, you must be yourself! The beauty industry boasts many companies that take pride in hiring brilliant and enthusiastic individuals who think outside of the box. The days of stuffy, cookie-cutter employees are over. Show off your unique perspective unapologetically!

    7) Send a Thank You Email 

    Thank you emails are definitely not required, but it is a nice touch to show that you appreciate the company’s time and consideration. Make sure to briefly mention a few standout moments/key points from the interview to show that you were paying attention and truly absorbed the information. Want to really impress your potential employer? Send a handwritten note. The beauty industry is super competitive, so this simple gesture is a great way to set yourself apart from other applicants.

    What are some strategies you use to make sure you nail your interviews?


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