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7 Foundations We Love For Dark Skin

7 Foundations We Love For Dark Skin



    It’s no surprise that the makeup industry has ignored the needs of dark skinned beauties for many years forcing many melanated queens to have to become mixologists when it came to finding even a close foundation or simply forgoing it all together.


    Finally makeup companies have started realizing yes dark skin women do exist and yes we love makeup just like everyone else. Here are a few makeup lines that got it right with foundation for darker skin tones.


    1.Fenty Beauty


    Of course we had to put Ri Ri first. Rihanna shocked us all when she partnered with Sephora and came out with a line of 40 yes 40 foundations that have several for deeper skin tones that we love with the 400s being the darkest colors.

    2.Mac Cosmetics

    Mac has always been on the forefront of inclusion in the makeup world with their judgement free zone counters and shades that have been looking out for black women for years find your shade in the studio fix fluid.

    3.Black Opal


    Black opal was the first makeup many women of color tried and for good reason. Not only are they budget friendly they also feature a ton of shades perfect for women of color.

    4.Fashion fair

    Another long time favorite of many women of color. Chances are your mom, aunts or grandma had this stuff in their makeup collection and most likely you dabbled in it as well. Fashion fair has been looking out for dark skin women for many years and continue to do so.



    NARS sheer glow foundation has the perfect shades for darker skin tones it’s also lightweight but still provides buildable medium coverage.

    6.Bobbi Brown


    Bobbi browns skin finish stick is perfect for women with drier skin who want a buildable finish. This foundation sticks comes in tons of shades for deeper skin tone.

    7.LA Girl


    Not only is LA girl super inexpensive they also have a ton of shades in their concealer and foundation that perfectly covers, conceals and accentuates beautiful dark skin tones.


    Which of these shades will you be trying?


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