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6 Ways to Blend Clip-in’s with Natural Hair

6 Ways to Blend Clip-in’s with Natural Hair


    If you have been wanting to lengthen your natural hair but aren’t ready for the commitment of a full sew-in, clip-in extensions are a great option. Many naturals have been turning to clip-in’s for extra length, fullness and protection. If you have been dying to try clip-in extensions for your natural hair but aren’t sure exactly how to blend them, stay tuned as Maria Antoinette TV gives you step by step instructions on several ways you can seamlessly blend clip-ins with your natural hair!


    1.Twist Out 

    A great way to blend your natural hair with clip-ins is by doing a twist out. A twist out ensures that your hair texture is as close to possible as the clip-in hair. Simply wash your hair then apply the hair and twist in your hair with the clip-ins so everything looks uniform. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial.




    2. Style and Profile

    If you’ve been rocking your twist out for a few days and aren’t quite ready to let it go don’t fret, you can still rock an old twist out with clip-in hair extensions. Simply clip the hair in the front of your hair then do several two strand twists  incorporating your natural hair and weave. Next, pin up the hair with bobbi pins for a chic and full up do.


    Another option is a top bun with the back of the hair down. This style also works best with an old twist out. Add clip-in hair in a downward motion. In the front of your hair add a row of hair going towards the front and the rest towards the back. Once all hair is clipped in make a ponytail in the front of your hair then create a bun at the top of your hair and allow the back of your hair to flow freely in the back.


    Finally, you can create a full top bun. You can add the clip-in hair around the circumference of your hair leaving your natural hair out in the front and the back. Once you have your desired fullness you can create a top ponytail and all of the free flowing hair into a full top bun!

    Watch how Maria Antoinette TV shows us how to style all three hairstyles.





    3.Blow it Out

    With these two super sleek hairstyles you can start with stretched or blown out hair. For the first style you will be installing the clip-in hair on both sides of your head after parting the hair down the middle. Once the hair is added simply start twisting your hair into two large twists and viola, you now have two full and gorgeous twists that can take you from daytime to a night on the town.


    For the last look you can do a small top twist either with the extra hair added or with your natural hair. Once the top twist is complete you can add in the clip-in hair underneath your blown out natural hair for a long, sleek finish.

    Watch Maria Antoinette TV show us how to do both styles below.



    Maria Antoinette TV just broke it all the way down with her quick and easy steps to blend natural hair with clip-in’s. Whether you are wearing your hair in it’s natural state or blown out, there are tons of clip-ins on the market that will have your hair looking longer and fuller.

    Will you be trying clip-in extensions?

    Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician,makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet and check out her website


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