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5 Ways to Have a Great Summer on a Budget

5 Ways to Have a Great Summer on a Budget


    We are right in the dead of summer but that doesn’t stop bills, work, or prior engagements from standing in he way of us living our best lives! If this summer seems to be passing by without one single adventure it’s not too late to change that, and on a budget!

    Here are five ways to save your summer and have some fun without breaking the bank!

    1.Summer festivals

    Summer festivals tend to be free and you typically only have to spend money on food! Look out for the local festivals in your area and grab your boo or your friends and enjoy the free entertainment in the sun.

    2. Hit up the beach

    One place you never have to worry about dropping coins at is the beach! Make a day of it, grab or make some snacks for a picnic, have some cold drinks, bring a book or music, you can even have a bonfire with friends after the sun goes down!

    3. Visit a carnival

    What’s more nostalgic than the carnival? While you may not be hopping on any rides you can’t deny the amazing snacks that you can only get at carnivals! Plus the photo ops are amazing.

    4. Free days

    Museums and aquariums tend to have free days in the summer. What’s more budget friendly than free?

    5. Groupon

    Groupon has tons of deals for local restaurants, attractions, and so much more. Before you buy a ticket to that local boat ride you’ve been dying to go on, visit Groupon first! They just may have the same if not a similar deal for half off!

    You may not be able to take a trip out the country this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy all of the great things your city has to offer!

    How will you be spending your summer?

    Ashley Renee is a writer, natural hair enthusiast and film maker from Chicago residing in Los Angeles. You can keep up with her on ig@ashleyreneepoet or visit her personal blog poetashleyrenee.


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