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    Caring for 4c hair isn’t always a walk in the park. There is a ton of moisture, detangling and lots of love and care involved but the results of well nourished and taken care of hair are always worth it. If you have been struggling with taking care of you or your childs natural 4c textured hair, we have some tips for you.

    1. Be super gentle

    Unless you are parting hair for braids, small tooth combs shouldn’t even be part of your vocabulary.  I’ve seen so many women rip through their natural curls with small tooth combs only to have tons of breakage, fall out and damaged hair as a result. It’s best to use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle hair and to do the bulk of detangling when washing your hair and your conditioner is applied. Start from the ends and very gently work your way up to avoid any snagging or breakage.

    2. Have a plan

    Winging it with 4c hair is just not an option. If you plan on washing your hair, have a day set out to wash it and condition it so you have ample time to properly care for your hair without having to rush, which can lead to skipping steps and not being as gentle as you need to. Set out a day for styling and washing and make sure you have everything you need to achieve your desired style.

    3. Rock protective hairstyles 

    Protective hairstyles are a 4 textured hair girls best friend. Protective hairstyles help protect against breakage while keeping you and your hair looking fine at the same time. Faux locs, box braids, two strand twists and cornrows are some great protective style options that will keep your hair protected against the elements resulting in a ton of growth and less daily breakage.

    4. Deep condition/moisturize 

    Due to the naturally tightly coiled natural of 4 textured hair, hair easily absorbs moisture and it can often take longer for moisture to travel down the strands of tight curls, resulting in more breakage and less noticeable hair growth. Deep conditioning often, as well as keeping hair moisturized as much as possible will combat excessive breakage and drying.

    5. Drink plenty of water 

    As forementioned, natural hair and especially 4 texture natural hair, requires a ton of moisture. Not only what you put on your hair topically but also what goes into your body internally can add moisture. When you are eating juicy fruits and drinking tons of water your body can apply that water to the places it needs such as your hair and skin and can aid in hair, skin and nail growth. Often when people dont get enough water, or eat bad foods, it can be seen in their hair and skin. More water = more growth and moisture. Start adding more water and fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and watch your hair flourish!


    How do you care for your 4c natural hair?



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