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5 Reasons Why You Should use a Leave in Conditioner

5 Reasons Why You Should use a Leave in Conditioner


    e1a5293dc52752212353b43ebcd1a9e1Many newly naturals and women transitioning to natural have tons of questions when it comes to the hair products they truly need or do not need when it comes to caring for their hair. Some question whether or not a leave in conditioner is necessarily needed and the answer is absolutely. If you have ever questioned whether or not a leave in conditioner is required in your hair care routine, keep reading! Here’s why your hair needs a leave in:


    Natural hair lacks moisture. The oils the scalp naturally produces have a harder time traveling down curly, kinky and coiled hair and often leaves our hair feeling dry and thirsty which in turn causes breakage. Adding moisture to the hair locks in natural oils as well as provides extra moisture needed to keep hair well nourished. Our Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner reduces frizz and breakage while adding moisture.

    2. Refreshes 

    Let’s face it, for many of us every day simply can not be a wash day. When your hair begins to feel dry mid-week a leave in conditioner is a perfect way to refresh curls. Simply spritz hair with water and apply your favorite leave in conditioner throughout your hair to liven up curls.

    3. Conditions 

    Long after you have rinsed out your conditioner, it can continue being moisturized while your leave in conditioner is applied. Some women leave in wash out conditioners for much longer than the recommended time which can be damaging to hair. Leave in conditioners were specifically designed to condition hair without having to rinse it out.

    4. Helps with Styling

    Leave in conditioners can add extra shine and hold to hair for styling while also keeping hair moisturized and well conditioned. Pairing your favorite leave in with your go to styling products can make for a longer lasting style.

    5. Convenient 

    Not only are leave in conditioners miracle workers for hair they are also super convenient. When you are in a rush or simply aren’t quite sure what to do with your hair adding a leave in conditioner will keep it well conditioned while you decide on how to style or simply wear it out.

    Do you always use a leave in conditioner?

    Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician,makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago, residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet, twitter and personal blog why I Waited


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