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5 Must Haves for a Hot Girl Summer

5 Must Haves for a Hot Girl Summer


    Whether love it or hate it, the Hot Girl Summer Movement is going strong all summer 19! So what is a hot girl summer exactly? According to the creator, rapper Meg the Stallion, being a hot girl is about being unapologetically you, having fun and being the life of the party etc. Others have deemed having a hot girl summer as getting your finances in order, enjoying your time outdoors, dating, and living carefree. While everyone has their own interpretations, we have a few ideas on what being a hot girl means and have included a list to make sure you stay ready all summer!


    Every hot girl needs to stay hydrated. Between party hopping, traveling to foreign destinations, keeping that body bikini ready in the gym and hitting up every festival and concert you possibly can, drinking tons of water is key.

    2. Passport

    You absolutely can not be a hot girl without a passport sis! You will not be the friend sitting at home watching all of your friends travel across the world while you scroll aimlessly on instagram! Get your money together, wake up early on your off day and go get that passport! Every hot girl needs to be able to see the world.

    3. Journal/planner

    It’s super important to write down your thoughts, plans and intentions. To stay consistent and on track with your goals, you need a planner to map everything out. Start writing down the goals for the day, a day before and watch how much easier it is to stay ahead.


    Our Rose Water Curl Refresher is imperative to keeping curls hydrate and conditioned all summer. Let’s face it while you are out getting your hot girl summer on, it can be easy for curls to be neglected.

    5. A great book

    We know, we know, summer is about turning up and having fun, but in between those pool parties and yachts you are going to need a good book especially on those long plane rides out the country. Find a book that will elevate your mind and keep you entertained during your flights.

    How will you be spending your hot girl summer?

    Ashley Renee is a writer, natural hair enthusiast and film maker from Chicago residing in Los Angeles. You can keep up with her on ig@ashleyreneepoet or visit her personal blog poetashleyrenee.


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