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5 Celebs Reveal Their Natural Hair Under Wigs and Weaves

5 Celebs Reveal Their Natural Hair Under Wigs and Weaves


    Many of our favorite celebrity women aside from their music, acting and socialite status’s are often known for their gorgeous wigs, weaves and extensions. Many of us often wonder how long is their actual hair they are rocking under those wigs caps and what in the world are they doing to care for their hair! Here are a few celebrities who not only rock long weaves and wigs but also have quite a few inches of their own real hair and some secrets to caring for it.


    1.Nicki Minaj 


    Rapper Nicki Minaj recently revealed that her 2016 VMA’s hair look was actually her real hair! Her waist length hair looks like it is being well taken care of and flourishing under hair wide array of colorful wigs.

    2. Taraji P. Henson


    Long time actress and star of hit show, Empire Taraji P. Henson is known to rock natural colored weaves and extensions on most of her television and award show appearances but the star gave a glimpse into her real life with this makeup and weave free selfie.


    3. Janelle Monae


    Though we often see the songbirds natural tresses on stage and in red carpets she often has her hair in a pompadour or bun. We are loving this glimpse of Janelle Monaes stretched natural hair and fresh face.

    4. Blac Chyna


    Known to constantly switch up her look with an array of different wigs and extensions, business owner, socialite and almost Kardashian, Blac Chyna’s natural tresses are just as long as the many wigs she’s rocked over the years.

    5.Toya Wright 


    Author and former reality star, Toya Wright recently spoke about hair loss after having her daughter. This throwback picture shows off her super long hair that she says is all natural in the back.

    Tips for growing your hair while wearing wigs and weaves

    • Wigs, weaves and extensions can be a great way to keep your natural hair protected while still looking fly! Be sure not to have your hair braided uncomfortably tight underneath your protected style. The key is to protect your hair not stress out your scalp and cause breakage.


    • Keep your hair as moisturized as possible and if wearing wigs, remove the wigs at night and moisturize and spray your hair with water for moisture.


    • Drink plenty of water and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet to add more moisture to your skin and hair as well as improve your over all health


    • Use as little heat as possible on your real hair. Protective styles also mean protecting your hair from heat damage. So leave little to no hair out and avoid heat like the plague.

    Do you wear wigs and weaves as a protective hairstyle?


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