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    Beauty has always been an intricate part in the black community. From spending hours at the hair salon catching up on the latest news, fellowshipping with our stylists, getting advice and supporting the vendors that would come in and out and everything in between. In recent years, there has been a boom in black owned businesses especially those in the beauty community and we are here to show our love to these amazing companies. If you’ve been looking for a black owned beauty business to support this is the list for you! If your company, or favorite company didn’t make the list drop down in the comments and let us know the name!

    Here are 30 Black Owned Cosmetic Brands to Support today!

    1. 25 & June Nail Elixir

    A bit about the company: I’ve always had big hair, a big heart, and big ideas. So when I started 25th & June Nail Elixir on my bedroom floor, I did it with nothing but a passion for all-things-pretty, my pure obsession with nail polish, and a desire to create something bigger than myself.

    My goal is to continuously give beautiful, colorful, high-quality polish that sparks inspiration, confidence, and unapologetic vibes of FEELING YOUR SELF.

    There’s so much more coming, so thank you for being on this journey with me and looking super cute while doing it.

    -CEO, Nexus
    2. Ace Beaute

    A bit about the company: Ace Beaute was launched in 2016 and was launched with a wide selection of false lashes. To make our brand completely cruelty free, we no longer carry mink lashes- just faux mink lashes. We have since expanded our line into color cosmetics and have a lot of wonderful products coming your way.Here at Ace Beaute, our motto is “Beauty for All”  regardless of age, sex, skin color, religion or socio economic status.

    -CEO, Niye Attang cosmetics

    3. AJ Crimson Beauty 

    A bit about the company:

    The AJ Crimson Beauty cosmetics line, like most great inventions, was born out of necessity. “I felt like there was an absolute need to bring products to women of color that actually worked and didn’t oxidize or change,” explains Crimson. “I wanted to create a product inclusive of women of all ethnicities, a product all women could find ownership in and believe in. So often, makeup has been designed with a one size fits all mentality, and with black women and women of color my cosmetic line contains shades for women of every ethnic background and skin tone.”

    -CEO, AJ Cosmetics

    4. Prime Beauty

    A bit about the company:

    I created Prime Beauty to give this industry an extra push in the right direction. I want women of color to see their beautiful brown skin celebrated, catered to and loved. We are beauty. Our beauty needs are primary. Not secondary. This is why we exist.

    Thank you to every single one of you who have purchased, followed, reviewed and spread the word about our brand. Your support is so deeply appreciated. We hope to continue creating products you love and that make you feel as beautiful as you are.

    xo Shemika H.

    -CEO, Shemika Harmitt

    5. Beauty Bakerie

    A bit about the company: “Our mission is to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. We are committed to encouraging men and women to feel both empowered and beautiful. Beauty Bakerie is a direct reflection of my perseverance and passion for great quality products that enhance the beauty in everyone, every day.”

    -CEO, Cashmere Nicole cosmetics

    6. Beauty of Colour 

    A bit about the company: Beauty of Colour was born from the fusion of two passions cherished by its founder: Makeup and Afro Art. Welcome to this fun and girlish atmosphere , and lost all inhibitions with our sparkling collection of rich and irisdescent colors. Like a true artist, unleash your creativity, passion and self confidence to achieve bold and daring looks! Created to enhance Beauty  and celebrate diversity,our mission is to highligt the magic in every woman. Beyond the world of Beauty, our goal is to empower women by delivering powerful message through our fun and girlish packaging.


    7. Blac Minerals 

    A bit about the company: Merced S. Boyce, founder of BLAC minerals longed for a cosmetic line that was inclusive, diverse, and most importantly; free of traditional toxic ingredients and additives commonly found in makeup. When she didn’t see what she was looking for she decided to create it herself. BLAC Minerals is a clean, green beauty brand that performs at a high level. Our products are designed to complement your skin not overpower it. The result is an effortless, radiant appearance that’s perfect for the everyday women on the go.

    -CEO, Merced S. Boyce Cosmetics

    8. Black Opal

    -CEO, Desirée Rogers cosmetics and skincare

    9. Bossy Cosmetics

    A bit about the company: Being a mission-driven company is an integral part of our DNA and we’ve always described our core philosophy around the following three guiding principles: We make and sell gorgeous and ethically-made color cosmetics for people of all hues and genders (learn more about our brand essence);We seek to share stories of courageous and amazing women whose voices we want to support in amplifying (learn more about our #BossyBlog)

    -CEO, Aishetu Dozie

    10. Caurel Lash

    A bit about the company: Chante named her makeup business Caurel Beauty in honor of her paternal grandmother, Gloria Caurel Jackson with whom she has enjoyed a very close relationship since birth.  Chante felt the uniqueness of the name “Caurel” coupled with her grandmother’s gracefulness, beauty and charismatic personality, was the perfect way to pay homage to her roots and her passion for makeup artistry and cosmetics. Caurel Beauty Lash Collection is a luxurious 3D Mink Lash Line released in spring 2019.  The brand is based on principles of love, self-care and empowerment.

    -CEO, Chante Jackson

    11. Camara AUnique Beauty

    A bit about the company:

    Influenced by the fast pace of New York’s fashion, beauty, and entertainment sectors, where she got her start, Camara’s incomparable work ethic stems from a lifelong admiration of her grandmother, who stopped at nothing to provide for her family. As a Brooklyn native, Camara witnessed the bright and dark sides of the city’s rapid development firsthand. Through her philanthropic efforts, she has helped to equip New Yorkers with the tools needed to access the many resources and opportunities her hometown has to offer. Camara lives by the motto, “I want to be to young people who I needed growing up.” With a name like hers, some might say she was born to help others.

    CEO, Camara Helps

    12. Canvas Colors

    A bit about the company: Canvas Colors was born out of founder Ashley Lee’s desire to create lipsticks that would be free of toxins and unnatural ingredients. She began seeking natural remedies in her everyday life after being diagnosed with endometriosis.

    As she became aware of how certain ingredients in our everyday diets, toiletries, and cosmetics affect our health, Ashley decided to do something about it. She knew she needed to create lipsticks that were not only not harmful, but were also beautiful and flattering. With this intention in mind, Canvas Colors was created.

    -CEO, Ashley Lee


    13. Coloured Raine cosmetics

    A bit about the company: Coloured Raine is not only a woman Black owned brand, but employs Black women and men.  We are a small team of 8 from executive level to fulfillment.  Our products are proudly made by a manufacturer in the United States that is owned and employs people of color with a staff of 75+.  Our graphic design team and media team  are also comprised of Black women and men which are independently ran by 2 individuals.  So when you shop with us, you’re investing in the minority community!  See how we contribute and give back to the Black community here.

    -Ceo, Loraine R. Dowdy

    14. Crayon Case 

    A bit about the company: You don’t get to be SUPA until you master the fundamentals.  And with the primary colors of hard work, authenticity, and experimentation as your foundation, you can paint any picture you can imagine!  In 2017, when Supa created THE CRAYON CASE, it was a new experiment, but she brought the same hard work and authenticity that she applies to the rest of her brand, and instead of THE CRAYON CASE just​ being the safe haven for amateur makeup artists and newbies that she intended it to be, it also became a beacon of inspiration for veterans.

    -CEO, Reynell Steward

    15. Danessa Myricks Beauty

    A bit about the company: Danessa Myricks beauty is an artisanal brand developed with the notion that makeup is art and that the world of beauty should be inclusive of every woman. “My vision was to create a brand where there were limitless possibilities for women from all walks of life to create. As a self-taught makeup artist with minimal resources at my disposal, I had to be creative with the products I had access to, by maximizing their usage and creatively mixing and blending colors and textures to make things work. Even with this I found I was often limited by existing shades and textures and had the desire for more. Thus, the desire to create my own line of products to fulfill this void was born.”

    -CEO,Danessa Myricks

    16. GloGirl cosmetics

    A bit about the company: “After working many years in the makeup industry, I started GloGirl Cosmetics out of a need to see women with images and styles that I admired. From street chic to coutoure, beauty comes in so many shades and features.Glogirl Cosmetics strives to celebrate and and empower the diverse beauty of women and represent inclusive beauty on a global scale.”

    -CEO, Tosca Hillman

    17. Gold Label Cosmetics

    A bit about the company:”I started Gold Label Cosmetics in 2012, living colorfully and putting glitter everywhere. It wasn’t until I became an on screen talent on FYI’s B.O.R.N. to Style where I taught women of all walks of life about looking their best and being their confident selves that I realized my purpose is much deeper than producing shocking looks. I also noticed a lacking imagery of inclusiveness. I wanted to speak positivity and grandeur into EVERYONE’s life. So began a NEW and IMPROVED Gold Label Cosmetics. A safe place to love where you’re going in life and looking good on the way there.”

    -CEO,Kristen Elise Brown

    18. Hue Noir

    A bit about the company:

    Hue Noir is on a mission to change the face of beauty by putting multicultural women at the center of the modern beauty movement. Blending COLOR + SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY, we develop innovative, everyday makeup solutions ideal for customers with nuanced skin tones ranging from fair to deep.Multicultural women have long been challenged to find high-caliber cosmetics in shades that work with their skin tones while providing long-lasting benefits like oil absorption, moisturization and extended wear. Hue Noir set out to give women more choices and better options for achieving their desired look, developing formulas designed specifically for the varied and unique complexions among women of color. Our True Hues Flawless Finish Foundation, for instance, is available in 25 true-to-skin-color shades. Further, our products are formulated to emphasize a woman’s natural beauty while nourishing and protecting her skin.

    -CEO Paula Hayes, Cosmetics

    19. Janet and Jo.

    A bit about the company: Janet & Jo. is more than a company, we’re a family brand. I named the company after my two grandmother’s as an homage to the maternal and paternal sides of my family. Behind this brand is a story. Through the stories behind the shades in our debut collection, I share a piece of myself with you, and welcome you into my home.

    ​-CEO, Kendra Woolridge

    20. Juvia’s place

    A bit about the company: Africa is not only the birthplace of humanity, it’s the birthplace of all beauty. Juvia’s Place was created to celebrate the rebels, rulers and queens of the African kingdoms of long ago, who emulated and honored beauty through their soulful and innovative techniques that the top beauty gurus still use today. Inspired by the queens before us, Juvia’s Place offers the richest, most vibrantly-pigmented essentials for the eyes, face and lips to take you from the office, to the Caribbean islands, and everywhere inbetween!

    -CEO, Chichi Eburu

    21. Kaeess Nail Polish

    A bit about the company:

    Nail Polish was developed to empower all to break boundaries through self-expression. Tekoa Savage, CEO & Founder of Kaeess Nail Polish, created this line to be diverse and empower those who are boxed in and want an outlet to express themselves through subtle yet bold color art. Whether you are a young professional or Van Gough in the making, Kaeess Nail Polish is more than a polish but a tool in your art kit to create your beautiful masterpiece.

    #BreakingBarriersColors Kaeess makes nail polishes for all shades of people and genders. Kaeess supports the LGBT community as well as any man who wants to enjoy polish. Kaeess focuses on the inclusivity for women of color. 

    -CEO Tekoa Savage,

    22. Lamik Beauty

    A bit about the company:

    When I first created LAMIK, the name was nothing more than my name spelled backward with an LA in front? The LA came from my middle name. I’m an 80s baby, so I knew LaTasha’s, LaMeka’s, and somebody reading this may be a LA___, so at the time it made sense.But when a buyer asked me the meaning of my brand name, I just couldn’t tell that story. At that moment, purpose prevailed and I responded Love and Makeup in Kindness. I realized that is what LAMIK really stands for and the power of true beauty is that it comes from within. That’s why I always say Beauty is Revealed, Not Applied.

    -CEO, Kim Roxie

    23. Makeda K Beauty

    A bit about the company:

    Eyelashes For Women of Color! Our luxury faux mink lashes are specifically designed for women, whose lashes tend to be thicker and curlier. Many lash companies sell lashes that are too straight or stiff, feel heavy on the eyelid, and do not blend well with our natural lashes. Our luxury lashes not only solve this problem, but they are also cruelty free and last up to 25 uses per set! Our lashes are specifically hand-crafted with layers of high quality fibers that mimic the curl of your natural lash.

    -CEO, Makeda Robinson

    24. Makeup by Sparkle

    A bit about the company:

    I’m Sparkle Chanel: celebrity make-up artist, licensed esthetician, technology specialist and creator of MakeUp By Sparkle (MBS). I created this brand for “ProGlams” like yourself: professional and glamorous individuals who make a statement without saying a single word. Makeup began as a hobby for me 17 years ago and now, it’s my entire life. So I know the need for makeup to work for you – not the other way around. My cosmetics line is versatile enough to take you from your office to your luncheon, and from your afternoon meetings right to that VIP cocktail party, without having to change face.

    -CEO, Sparkle Chanel

    25. Mented

    A bit about the company: We created Mented Cosmetics because we believe every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty, no matter her skin tone. We know you’ll love being put first – because when it comes to beauty, no one deserves to be an afterthought. From our original nude lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes to blushes, each of our makeup products is perfectly pigMented to match your skin tones. We want all women, from light to tan to dark skin tones, to feel like they have makeup that actually works for their complexions, so we’ve created the shades to help accomplish that. Start with our shade finder to find your perfect match and then begin building your collection today! We guarantee you’ll find your new go-to or a fun addition to your makeup routine.

    -CEOs, KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson

    26. Mischo Beauty

    A bit about the company: Our founder, Kitiya Mischo King, always enthusiastically envisioned her future as a beauty innovator, but her role as a pioneer in the world of clean luxury was a surprising and organic development. In 2013, Mischo Beauty was among the daring to revolutionize a highly-toxic beauty segment – nail lacquer – which has been notorious for formulas chockfull of synthetic chemicals and endocrine disruptors. While pregnant with her son, Kitiya was unrelenting in her search for chic, richly-hued polish that would cause no harm to her or her unborn baby. Six long months later, she was left with polishes in bland colors that chipped and cracked, and chunky lacquers that did not allow for smooth application.A future without impeccable nails was untenable, so she moved to create what she could not find. With a degree in chemistry and licenses in Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Makeup Artistry, Kitiya was well equipped for the challenge before her—that of filling the void of luxe, non-toxic nail lacquer in the beauty landscape

    – CEO, Kitiya Mischo King, nails

    27. OMGLO Cosmetics

    A bit about the company:

    It all started with a picture…A simple DIY trick that I picked up from a fellow makeup artist.

    That picture turned into a video that VERY quickly went Viral and the rest is….. GLOWING!

    nce I decided to make this product I only wanted the best ingredients,the most gorgeous colors but most importantly I wanted to make sure that product represented all of US!
     All of the people that inspire me to be fearless, to be strong, to have fun, and to ALWAYS create.
    Each shade does just that.
    Thank you all so much for all the love and support.  Much LOVE

    -CEO, Joelle Phillips

    28. Pat Mcgrath

    A bit about the company: “This is the golden age of makeup. PAT McGRATH LABS is my Golden Revolution. The entire planet is just as cosmetics obsessed as I’ve always been. Makeup is a movement. Makeup is mesmerizing. Makeup is major. Mantra-esque, three words have repeated over and over in my mind ever since I was young. Obsession. Inspiration. Addiction. Those words became my guiding principles, my manifesto as I brought this brand to life . I wanted to capture, in a quartet of exquisite palettes, 50 legendary lipsticks, a divine dozen eyeliners and five fetish-worthy lip pencils, The Power of Transformation, The Power of Beauty;  The Power of Makeup.”

    – CEO, Pat Mcgrath cosmetics

    29. Pink Fluff Empire

    A bit about the company:

    Our C.E.O and founder Pinkfluff is a business woman , youtuber, plus size influencer ,makeup artist, and most important an inspiration to all. Pinkfluff started building her empire in 2018 and made a name for herself all over the United States. She believes in equality and justice. She has also donated to and protested with the #blacklivesmatter movement. We want to do our part to make sure everyone is treated fairly and equal. Pinkfluff is a makeup artist who works with different skin tones and textures. She’s normally up late nights preparing orders or reading up on the latest makeup techniques. Pinkfluff also loves to help others in her community to start their own businesses. She believes in helping and uplifting other black entrepreneurs as well. She prefers to buy from black owned brands instead of big name corporations. “I feel it is only right to support the people who look like me. Buying from black owned brands is my lifestyle. Making the switch was easy for me because I want to see the next young woman or man win in a system that was built for us to lose. I want to see more black billionaires ! I want everyone to uplift one another and support each other. I don’t want to be the only black owned business on the market . That is not my goal. My goal is to purchase from as many black owned brands as I posibly can so I can see people who look like me win!”

    CEO, Pink fluff Cosmetics

    30. Pear Nova

    A bit about the company: In 2012, Rachel James was ready to go to work.A graduate from the International Academy of Design & Technology, Chicago she hit the streets looking for a place to plant her talent. She found herself surrounded by artists, musicians, and a crew of brilliant Chicago scene stars who looked more like potential collaborators than employers. So she went to work for herself, incorporating Pear Nova and assembling a team of creative conspirators all working in trade to help each other push their talents out into the universe. Looking to masters for inspiration, Rachel travelled to Paris, France to attend Cosmetagora, where the leading cosmetic chemistry companies from around the world were represented. Adrift in a sea of luxury, she committed to creating a high end product, hoping one day to hold rank with the classics and become a global beauty standard.

    -CEO, Rachel James

    Did your favorite brand make the list?





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