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We’ve all heard it before, that long hair is healthy hair! The key to healthy hair? Pampering those dry, split ends and taking a few days out of each week to tuck them away, safe and sound. Protective styling is important for maintaining healthy ends, avoiding breakage, and maintaining length. Being familiar with a range of protective styles is not only important for your hair health — but in keeping up with your personal style! “Protective” styling does not mean ugly styling. And just because you’re “hiding” your ends from the big, bad (dry!) world…doesn’t mean you’re personal flair get’s thrown under the rug as well.

Keep those ends tucked away while letting your personality and inner fashionista shine bright with these 25 gorgeous protective styles we dug up just for you!

1. Long double French Braid

2. Chunky two strand twisted updo

3. A tall pin-up pompadour

4. Chunky braided updo (works on microbraids or loose hair)

5. A double twist, roll and tuck

6. Box braids

7. French roll + mini pompadour

8. An oversized puff/bun

9. A messy French braid

10. Roll and tuck

11. Puff/bun and scarf head band

12. Senegalese twists

13. Pinned banges + scarf turban

14. Full headed turban

15. Braided scarf crown

16. Faux locs

17. Top knotted turban

18. Chignon headband

19. Chunky twisted maiden braids

20. Braided braids

21. Puff faux-hawk

22. Braided crown + French braid

25 protective

23. Bantu knots

24. Reverse double French braid + top knot

25. Cinna-bun updo


Dora Sobze is a PR executive, writer, and social media strategist by day — and freelance blogger by night. If you’re feeling crafty, hungry, stylish, or in need of natural hair tips, check out her blog or for her latest spinach recipes. She’d love to chat with you on twitter! Follow her @la_ti_doe.

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