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    Summer is almost here ladies and if you want a style that will last while keeping your hair protected, keep reading for some of our favorite on trend braid styles for this summer!

    1.Ghana Braids

    These creative and cute braids stay out of your face and can last over a month if cared for properly.

    2.Goddess braids

    Goddess braids are traditional box braids with looses ends. This style is perfect for lazy beach days as well as turn up day or night parties.

    3. Jumbo box braids

    If time is not on your side, jumbo box braids are great way to rock this classic style. They may not stay up as long but they are quick and easy to do and the take down time is pretty quick as well.

    4. Straight backs

    Straight back cornrows are another quick and fairly minimal hours style to achieve. This style can last between 2-3 weeks when properly cared for.

    5. Box braids

    Box braids, especially when medium or smaller sizes can last around 2 months! Imagine being able to literally get up and go because you don’t have to worry about your hair!

    6. Braided ponytail

    Braided ponytails are perfect for summer. Your hair stays out of your face and off of your back and can last anywhere from two weeks to a month when cared for properly.

    7.Box braid bob

    Who doesn’t live for a good box braid? This short style is as versatile as it is unique and is pretty quick to do as well as take down.

    8. Mini box braids

    Mini box braids are a great way to keep your hair protected as well as can last a few months, that means no hair worries over the summer ladies!

    9. Braided bun

    Braided buns are cute, summer friendly and classic.

    10. Half up half down braids

    This style is very versatile. You can wear the top portion of you hair either in a ponytail, bun or down and typically can last up to a month.

    How will you be wearing your braids this summer?


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