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    As a freelancer it is easy to write off Sundays as just another day and skip the self care part for another day that seems to never come. However, despite working from home I try to maintain a normal schedule and often times that means still giving myself weekends off to relax and unwind. I’ve been making a habit of following several different self care rountines weekly. Here is my latest self care routine that I’m sure you will love just as much as I do.


    I drink a ton of water everyday but on Sundays I tend to drink even more and often I make teas as well as part of my self care/self love routine. I give my body even more of what it needs and flush out toxins that lead to ailments, fatigue and breakouts while doing so.

    2. Say no

    I don’t hesitate to turn down invitations on Sundays. I say no to anything that requires me to do something that is not aligned with my goals for the day. If it doesn’t include me preparing for the week or relaxing, 9 times out of 10, I put myself first and utilize my right to say no on Sundays.


    3. Organize

    On Sundays I love to organize. Organizing my home makes everything one million times easier during the week. An organized space gives me more clarity and puts me in a better headspace. There is something about a clean, organized home that makes working so much easier. Clean your place on Sunday. If it makes it easier for you, do one room at a time instead of jumping from room to room, it will make things go so much more smoothly for you.

    4. Schedule

    Writing out a schedule of what you need to get done/accomplish the next day and week will make your week run smoothly. Sunday evening think of everything you would like to do for the next week, jot it all down according to the days you would like to get it done as well as any meetings or obligations you have for the week. This will keep you on task throughout the week and should you forget anything you can always refer to your schedule.

    5. Relax

    It wouldn’t quite be self care Sunday if there wasn’t some relaxing and unwinding going on right? Make the time to stretch out on the couch, take a nap, read a few chapters of that book you’ve been dying to read, have tea with girlfriends or by yourself, give yourself a facial, get a massage, layout by the pool, go to the beach, meditate, whatever it is that you find relaxing, be sure to make the time to do it.

    Remember self care is equivalent to self love. When you truly love yourself you show yourself by taking care of you. As women we get so wrapped up in making sure everyone else is ok, we often neglect ourselves. Spend time taking care of you this self care sunday!

    What is your self care routine?

    Ashley Renee is a writer, natural hair enthusiast and film maker from Chicago residing in Los Angeles. You can keep up with her on ig@ashleyreneepoet or visit her personal blog poetashleyrenee.



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