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Protect your Curls this Winter with our Rose Water Curl Refresher

Protect your Curls this Winter with our Rose Water Curl Refresher

Absolutely no one wants to constantly wash their hair in the winter just to reclaim their curls. Bitter cold temperatures and soaking wet hair simply don't mix. Luckily, we have a solution to your dry, curly hair conundrum. Our Rose Water Curl Refresher spray with Rose Water, Green tea, and Coconut oil works to hydrate, smooth and refresh overworked kinks, curls, and waves.

Here are a few protective styles to try with our Rose Water Curl Refresher:

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots are a great way to keep your hair protected during the winter. You can either keep the knots in or take them down for a chic, curly look. To use the spray with bantu knots simply sprtiz the spray on each knot, insuring that your hair is well moisturized.


Whether rocking your own natural hair in braids, or wearing box braids or cornrows, our Rose Water Curl Refresher keeps your hair hydrated while it's being protected in braids. Simply spray your braids whenever you feel your hair beginning to get dry.

Twistout/braid out

If you're wearing a twist or braid out you can spray your hair while it's in the braids as well as refresh throughout the day for extra moisture. A few spray is all it takes to revive dull, lifeless curls.

How will you be using our Rose Water Curl Refresher this winter?


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