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5 Healthy Habits to Do Before Breakfast

5 Healthy Habits to Do Before Breakfast


    As a freelancer it’s easy to get distracted. Being your own boss comes with the perk of making your own schedule which can also be the downside. When your office can be your bedroom naps quickly become a part of your day and I’ll do it tomorrow becomes your signature line.

    Even working a typical 9-5 can slow you down when an 8 hour day can easily be a 12 hour day when you factor in the time it takes to get ready in the morning and traffic to and from work which can leave you feeling exhausted with little time to get any of your goals done let alone make a decent meal by the time you make it home.

    After feeling a need to make a change I started watching a ton of videos and reading books on motivation which helped me form a few habits that completely changed my productivty, energy level and overall happiness in general.

    No matter what your day to day life looks like here are five healthy habits that will improve your daily routine :

    1. Writing it out


    Before I go to bed each night I wrote out the goals I want to accomplish the next day. Doing this gives me a clear indication of exactly what I need to do the next morning and as silly as it sounds when I put that check mark for completion next to each item as I complete it I feel a sense of pride. By writing out a list of what you need to do for the day you are not only holding yourself accountable but also keeping yourself on track for what exactly it is you need to achieve.

    2. Meditate 

    I use to wake up every morning and check my phone. I would aimlessly scroll through social media, check any missed text messages and read emails which would sometimes stress me out before I got a chance to even fully wake up. Instead of reaching for my phone I now reach for my yoga mat and meditate to clear my head. Meditating helps you gain mental clarity and peace before beginning your day and polluting your mind with the craziness on social media.

    3. Drink Water 

    As you’re probably well aware of our bodies are made up of majority water and the more water we drink the happier and healthier our bodies are. When we sleep that’s several hours our bodies have went being deprived of water. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning can often further dehydrate us and cause headaches and daytime fatigue which is counterproductive. Drinking water first thing in the morning rehydrates our bodies and gives us the energy we need to get our day started.

    4. Working out

    I get it when you are just waking up and already thinking about the million and one things you have to do for the day, working out can be the last thing you actually want to do. However, how often have you planned on working out then just kept pushing it back further and further in the day until you winded up not doing it? As I learned from legally blond, exercising releases endorphins which make you happier. Imagine starting your day feeling happier and getting an amazing workout in even if it’s only for a few minutes in the morning.

    5. Release toxins

    No one wants to be walking around with the same nasty toxins from the day before. There are quite a few ways to release toxins and waste from your body in the morning. Sweating out toxins can be done by taking a steam shower or working out. Another great way to get your day started is by ahem..hitting the toilet. Using the bathroom will get rid of the waste from the day before so you aren’t clogging yourself up even more with whatever you consume at breakfast. Exercising and drinking plenty of water makes it easier to release toxins either way.

    I’ve stuck to all five of these habits the past month and my life in general has gotten better. Try them out for yourself and watch how quickly and effortlessly your day to day life improves.

    Have you tried these healthy habits?

    Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, former makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Visit her personal blog  and check out her instagram @ashleyreneepoet 


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