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So every Sunday and throughout the week I’ve been practicing self care with an emphasis on Sundays. I try to ensure I have a great Sunday and get all of the things I feel I need to have a great week completed so that Monday-Friday I’m not scrambling to do things that could have already been completed. For me self care is more than just nice baths and mud facials as much as I love them self care is also very much so a practice as well. Here are five self care practices I am doing this weekend that you may want to try as well.


  1. No social media 

I admit it. I am the friend who is always on my phone. I have a habit of constantly checking social media for what, I have no clue. When there is silence in the room, or in my opinion nothing is going on I am quick to go to social media and see what is. Part of it could have to do with my blogging to see if there is anything I’m interested in writing about but another is a habit of disconnecting from the real world and paying too much attention to the digital world. Social media while fun can also be dangerous when we find ourselves seeking validation from strangers on the internet, or comparing ourselves to them. So this Sunday I’m making it a social media free day. That means no facebook, instagram, snapchat for me or any other site that’s not work related. If you too find yourself spending way too much time on the internet try to unplug today and every Sunday if possible and give your mind a break.


2. Deep Cleaning 

My place is a complete mess right now. While my husband and I were able to keep our house surprisingly spotless throughout the week somehow it all went down hill on Friday. For me it’s hard to focus in a messy house. I get my best writing, meditating, thinking done when my home is clean. A clean house makes everything so much easier from cooking, to finding an outfit, to getting ready in the morning. So today and every Sunday I do a deep cleaning as to prepare myself and my home for the week to come and allow for a much smoother transition into the week and a much more mentally sound me. If you also thrive off of cleanliness get those gloves on girl and get your house clean today!

3. Deep Condition 



After over one month of rocking what has become my now signature faux locs I finally took my hair down and man is it ready for a deep condition. Often with protective hairstyles especially longer term ones like braids, locs and sew-ins our hair grows a lot and there also can be tons of shedding. To treat my hair I like to do a deep condition and just let my hair breath for a few days after taking it down. So today in between cleaning, writing and washing clothes I’ll be treating my hair to one of my favorite deep conditioners, tgin’s Honey Miracle Hair Mask that effortlessly glides through my curls and leaves my hair super soft and shiny after each use. If your hair is needed some extra loving do a deep conditioner this Sunday.

4. Meditate/Pray 

I require a lot of alone time. I’m a person that is definitely affected by the energies of other people and to combat that I need adequate alone time to recover, restore and recharge. I’ve been practicing meditation lately as well as talking to God more often. Meditation helps to clear the mind from all of urgencies in our day to day life and allows us to release stress and just be still for a moment. Whether for you it is prayer, meditation or simply taking a moment to tune out the world and be still, try to incorporate into your self care Sunday and see how it affects your week.


5. Going Raw 



Before I learned about nutrition I would try to have meatless Mondays where I wouldn’t eat any meat on that day. Now that I am more aware of how food affects my body and no longer consume meat and limit dairy, I often do processed free weeks where I don’t consume any processed foods and am now starting to eat raw or fast at least once a week. If you feel your body needs a break from your standard diet try to incorporate more fruits into your Sunday eating or perhaps try only eating fruits or raw food on Sunday and see how great you feel on Monday morning.


Will you be trying any of these healthy habits this Self Care Sunday? 


Ashley Renee is a writer, poet, and natural hair enthusiast from Chicago residing in Los Angeles. You can keep up with her on ig @ashleyreneepoet 

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