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    “I’m just going to work out for like a month straight, and then weigh myself at the end of that month or something.”

    This is what some of you plan on doing this Fall.

    But here a few reasons why the scale can be your friend:

    1. After a week, if you don’t see any fluctuation in weight, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your workout routine and menu choices.

    2. Keeping a diary of a daily weigh-in will keep you accountable and always thinking about your choices, such as, “Should I go to the gym or not? What should I have for dinner?” These choices of yours start to have a purpose. You will desire to see change, so it will make these decisions easy and more exciting.

    3. Make a specific time to weigh in every day. Don’t weigh in the morning one day, and weigh in the evening the next day. Pick the same time every day. You’ll notice honest results without too much of a weight gain/weight loss in one day.

    4. Weighing yourself regularly and consistently will help you to monitor small 2-3 pound weight gains and allow you to make adjustments before they become 10-25 pound weight gains and can no longer fit into that cute dress or nice pair of jeans.

    How do you ladies see the scale as a positive reinforcement?

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