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You don’t have to toss your personal style out with your shorts and summer clothes this season. Preserve that stylish flair that makes you YOU this fall with printed pants! These are the perfect fall staple for keeping warm and fuzzy on the inside will adding a pop of color and ‘wow factor’ to any outfit on the outside. Everyone loves a hot pink romper or sundress, but your fall ensemble can be just as hot! Get yourself a couple pairs of these bold statement pants and your personal style will be on a roll.

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1. Black and White

You can never fail with black and white — the pattern is bold enough to make a statement but neutral enough to pair with any top!

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2. Asymmetrical

Make heads turn with a pair of asymmetrical pants! Two legs means double the opportunity to wow.

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3. Dip Dyed/ Tie Dye

Unleash your inner bohemian with a funky pair of multicolored dyed pants–these cool navy tones are great for fall.

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4. Geometric

The chunkier the shapes, the better!

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5. African Inspired

We love, love, love the beautiful bold colors of African fabrics. If you can find yourself a pair, your wardrobe is a winner.

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6. Classic Stripes

Trust in yourself that you can pull this look off like Solange can! Vertical stripes can also be very slimming and make your legs appear longer.

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Bring the camo back for a sleek and chic tomboy look.

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8. Bold Autumn Hues

Nothing says fall like a rich shade of mustard yellow. Find a pair with a cute print and you’ve got yourself a flawless fall look.

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9. Retro Inspired

This silky pair of pants with a retro inspired pattern is too cute! Pick your favorite decade and find a pair to fit your style.

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10. Summery Floral

Because why not hold on to a little slimmer of summer and look adorable at the same time?

Which of these fall looks will you rock this season?

Dora Sobze is a PR executive, writer, and social media strategist by day — and freelance blogger by night. If you’re feeling crafty, hungry, stylish, or in need of natural hair tips, check out her blog or for her latest spinach recipes. She’d love to chat with you on twitter! Follow her @la_ti_doe.

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