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Summer is officially here and so is travel season. During my relaxed days, I only worried about bringing my satin or silk scarf and prayed my hairstyle would last throughout the trip. Now that I have a TWA, I put a lot more thought into prepping for a trip. Check out these quick tips to help you feel confident in whatever city or country you’re in!


Bring your go-to products

There are plenty of travel containers that fit TSA requirements, so don’t leave the essentials at home!  I found some great containers at Sally’s Beauty Supply for all of my go-to products. Target is notorious for carrying multi-colored, TSA-friendly travel containers as well. In my opinion, it’s always better to bring a little extra because you never know what might happen! After I have all of my products in the containers, I put them in a Ziploc bag just in case they open up during the flight or drive. It’s better for them to spill or open in the bag instead of on your clothes.

Check the weather before your trip

Knowing the weather forecast or climate may impact which products you bring or your hairstyles. Yes, weather can be unpredictable but having a general idea will help. Nothing is worse than arriving and being surprised about the climate.

Stick to your tried and true hairstyles

Now, it’s tempting to try new hairstyles when traveling or on vacation. I recommend sticking to hairstyles that you know work for you.  You want to enjoy your trip and not worry about fixing a hairstyle attempt gone wrong.

Don’t forget your satin/silk scarf or bonnet!

 No matter how much you prepare or pack, it’s inevitable that you’ll forget something.  Hopefully, it won’t be your scarf or bonnet. My advice: pack this first before you pack your hair products and accessories.


Jackie is an Ohio native who dreams of living in California.  She began her transition to natural hair in December 2013 and big chopped in April. When she’s not blogging, she loves to workout, travel with her husband, and spend time with their three dogs.

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