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Natural Hair Trend Alert: Knotless Box Braids

Natural Hair Trend Alert: Knotless Box Braids


    Knotless box braids are popping up everywhere! If you scour instagram beauty pages at all hours of the night like I do, then you have definitely come across knotless box braids.

    Knotless box braids are box braids with weave where the hair is added in using the feed-in method therefore, there is no knot at the top.

    Knotless box braids can range in size from small to jumbo box braids, which seems to be one of the more popular styles. These braids provide a more natural looking box braid and are a lot more comfortable to wear as well.


    Check out this video from Glam By Merry, showing us how to do this style.

    Will you be trying knotless braids?


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