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7 Protective Styles Perfect For Fall

7 Protective Styles Perfect For Fall


    While home cooked soul food, cooler weather, warm teas, hot cocoa, booties and oversized sweaters all remind me of fall I also have been keeping my hair extra protected during the fall and winter months out of boredom with the same old wash n’ go’s, wanting to grow my hair back long and an itch to try new braid and faux loc styles. If you too have been dying to keep your hair protected while looking amazing as well, here are 10 of my favorite protective styles perfect fall.

    1.Faux locs


    Faux locs look better as they get older, last a very long time and when combined with a little baby hair action look even better.

    2. Scarf wrap


    Scarf head wraps are the perfect quick fix to a twist out gone wrong and an easy way to dress up any fall ensemble.

    3. Cornrows


    Cornrows or french braids can last up to a month if cared for properly and stylishly keep your natural hair protected.

    4. Crochet Twist out



    Crochet styles are a great way to still rock naturalesque curls while your real hair is braided and protected underneath.

    5. Wigs and Extensions


    When you’re rocking wigs you can switch up your look at the drop of a dime. With wigs and full sewins you can literally wear any hairstyle you want all while your hair is safe in braids underneath. Just be sure to keep your hair well moisturized and nourished as well.

    6. Crochet twists


    Why spend hours in the salon chair when you cut the time in half by doing the same style with crochet? As with the other protective styles your hair is french braided underneath while the twists are crocheted into your hair.

    7. Bantu knots 


    Bantu knots aren’t just a heat free way to achieve gorgeous curls they also look great all on their own and keep your hair protected.

    How will you be rocking your hair this fall?

    Ashley Renee is a writer, poet, and natural hair enthusiast from Chicago residing in Los Angeles. You can keep up with her on ig @ashleyreneepoet


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