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7 Kid Friendly Summer Hairstyles

7 Kid Friendly Summer Hairstyles


    The last thing anyone wants to worry about doing during summer is running behind their kids with a comb and hair products. The summer is a time for relaxation and your little one is ready to rip and run, worry-free. So please put down the hot combs, regular combs and brushes and take a look at these stress free hairstyles that are long lasting, protective and relatively easy to achieve.

    1.Wash n’ go

    While the wash n’ go may not be ideal for every little girl, it can definitely work for some. If your child’s hair doesn’t tangle easily and retains moisture well, a wash n’ go may be a cute quick style that when moisturized properly can last for quite some time. Our Sweet Honey Hair Milk is the perfect leave in for this super cute style and our Rose Water Curl Refresher is perfect for giving your little one’s hair a quick boost when she needs it.

    2. Braids and twists

    Braids are great to keep your hair protected and when you add twists to them, the moisture stays locked in effortlessly. Our Miracle RepaiRx Curl Food Daily Moisturizer deeply moisturizes hair while reducing frizz and flyaways and promoting healthy hair growth.

    3. Pigtails with a twist

    This fun style adds a twist to to the traditional pigtails by doubling the twists as well as criss-crossing the front. We also are in love with the hair balls! Our Miracle RepaiRx Protective Leave in Conditioner works perfectly with this style as it utilizes natural oils to leave hair soft, shiny and more manageable.

    4. Ponytail and bun

    The gold jewels on this ponytail definitely add a fun twist to this classic style. Our Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel defines the curls while reducing frizz in this fun summer style.

    5. Ponytails with twists

    The twists, jewels and braided detail add a fun twist to the traditional ponytails. Our Twist and Define Cream defines curls, reduces frizz and flyaways and hydrates dry strands, making it the perfect product to pair with this style.


    The beads on the ends of this style add a classic finish to this braiding style. Be sure to keep the hair well nourished and moisturized with our Coconut Oil Hair and Body Serum.

    7. Bun

    Let’s face it, you aren’t always going to have time to do an elaborate braid style on your little ones hair. This low bun is quick and easy and adding a few braids to the front adds a creative touch to this classic style. Our Smooth and Hold Edge Control Gel will hold down your little ones hair while protecting it and preventing flaking.

    How will you be styling your child’s hair this summer?



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