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Weavologists are our confidants, friends, saviors, psychologist and more! When you find one you love you hold on to them for dear life! Not everyone can get your sew-in to lay perfectly, blend your natural hair just right, or make closures  look like you grew out of your own scalp. But sometimes our Weaveologist absolutely has to be replaced. Here are 10 telltale signs that you need to find a new hairstylist asap!

1.They Don’t Listen to You




You’ve told your hairstylist several times how you want your hair and they pretended to listen while they sent texts, answered phones calls and preceded to gossip to you about their last client. You leave the chair with your hair looking nothing like what you wanted and they try to convince you that is what you asked for. If your stylist seems too busy to actually care about the style you want, it is definitely time for them to be replaced.

2. They Insist You Get a Relaxer 


Each and every time you go to get your hair styled they act like they have to tackle your hair. If only your hair were relaxed it would be so much easier. Girl just let me relax all this crazy hair. They repeat these mantras time after time. Remember, your natural hair is not an issue! There are plenty of qualified stylists who are willing to take the time to style your hair without the complaints or urges for you to relax it.

3.They Braid Your Hair Too Tight



Hair does not have to be braided extremely tight to have a long lasting sew-in. If you notice tension bumps, you are getting constant headaches, or you notice painful thinning edges when you take your natural hair down, your stylist is braiding your hair too tight! A professional stylist knows how to properly braid hair without their clients having any of these issues.

4.You Notice Excessive Breakage 


There is going to be a noticeable amount of shedding when you take down your weave because your hair has been locked up in a protective style and unable to shed. If you notice your hair is shedding excessively even days after you’ve washed it and taken it down, it could mean it wasn’t properly styled initially. Excessively tight styling, improper braiding and detangling can all be culprits of this.

5.They Can’t Properly Blend Your Hair


Your hair should seamlessly flow. No one should be able to see where your natural hair ends and the weave begins. Tracks shouldn’t be showing and your natural hair should be blended with the weave so perfectly no one can tell that you didn’t grow it out of your own scalp.

6.They’ve “Accidentally” Cut Your Real Hair More Than Once


We all know accidents happen but certain things shouldn’t continuously happen, like your stylist transforming into Edward Scissor Hands every time they get near you. Your stylist should know how to expertly cut your extensions, or remove them without hacking off your actual hair!

7.They Over Charge You


There is nothing wrong with paying for quality service. In fact if your stylist does an amazing job each and every time they do your hair, you shouldn’t mind giving them a nice tip. If your stylist however is constantly raising their prices or charing you for things they didn’t mention before it’s time to find someone new. Many salons offer special discounts and have promotions going on frequently. Compare prices in your area and then you can make an informed decision. If you feel like you are being overcharged, find a new stylist that fits your budget.

8. Your Friends Urge You To Find a New Stylist 


If your friends look at you like you are crazy every time you leave the salon, are constantly placing their stylists card in your bag, or just outright tell you that your hair looks a mess, it probably does. Your friends want what’s best for you. Sometimes they can see things that you might not recognize right away. If your friends and family are constantly telling you your hair isn’t cutting it, they are probably right. If you have a friend whose hair is always laid, ask to borrow their stylist. They will most likely happily take you themselves!

They Don’t Know The Difference Between Quality and Cheap Hair


If your stylist suggests you purchase $20 beauty supply hair and tries to convince you it just needs a little heat and it will look just like the hair Beyonce wears, run for the door girl! Your stylist should know the difference between quality hair and cheap hair! You may not have to spend $1,000 to get quality hair but your stylist should at least know the difference and suggest the best brands/ type of hair for the style you are trying to achieve.

You’ve Outgrown Them 

Maybe you’ve been seeing the same stylist for years and lately they just haven’t been doing your hair how you like. Does your stylist  keep up with the newest techniques or are they stuck doing the same old two step sew-in from the 90s? Whatever it is you’ve clearly outgrown them and it’s time to find a stylist who is on the up and up and ready and willing to take on a new client.


Is it time for you to get a new weaveologist?


Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet or her blogsite WhyIWaited

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