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  [/caption] Though many curly girls resort to wash and go styling when it comes to their regimen, there are many curly girls who don’t. A lot of wash and goers tend to be those with type 3 hair types or loser textures whose curls are easier to hold with product. For those of you with equally beautiful but kinkier textures, the 4As and 4Bs, wash and goes won’t usually get you the same results. But despite any thoughts that they just aren’t possible or just don’t work, wash and goes on kinkier textured hair ARE possible. If you are someone who would like to incorperate more washes into your regimen, wash and go styling is a good option especially in the Summer time when dry time is shorter. As you know, 4A-4B textures need a ton of moisture. Before wash and go styling, try deep conditioning the night before to give your curls extra bounce and elasticity. Over night oil treatments work well for this. After washing, apply a generous amount of your favorite moisturizer before your favorite styling gels and/or creams. Your curls won’t be thirsty later! Experiment with different styling products for kinkier textures. Eventually you’ll find something that works. If shrinkage is what you’re worried about, you can stretch the hair later when it dries with a blowdryer or finger curl while wet.]]>

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