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    Taking on the heat? Save Yourself Some Dry Time.

    Instead of blow drying or diffusing your hair as soon as you come out of the shower, wrap your hair in a soft tee shirt or a microfiber hair towel. While the tee absorbs some moisture, prop your bathroom door open and get dressed, do make up, and whatever else in your routine while you let the shower steam leave the room. Instead of trying to dry your hair in a cloud of condensation, you’ll be drying partially towel dried hair in less humidity. You’re curls will dry much quicker!


    Concoct Your Own Products

    Sometimes, you can reduce certain aspects of your 10-step hair regimen by combining products. If you’ve found a moisturizer and a styling gel that you love, try mixing the two products in a small, separate container and applying as one product. If you find yourself with the same or similar results, you’ve just cut back on a lot of re-sectioning and re-applying.


    Get A Cute Cut

    If you’re finding yourself spending a ton of time manipulating your hair to fall in certain ways or lengths, maybe it’s time for a new cut. Instead of simple trim, next time you get your hair cut, look for styles that you could more comfortably just wear your hair out or in a wash and go style. If you find yourself spending time stretching some sections of your hair more than others, a simple hair cut may get you the look you’re going for a lot faster.


    Less Sectioning

    If your hair is long enough, it may be worth your time to cut back on sectioning. If you normally twist your hair into 8 braids, try 4 instead. If you’re dealing with day 2 or 3 day hair after a tedious 20 section twist out, you can probably get away with re-twisting only 4-6 sections to sleep on overnight. It won’t be as defined as day one hair, but it will be more defined than if you didn’t section at all and will take half the time. If you find your twists are too chunky this way, just use bobby pins to hold down the ends and flyaways.


    Apple Cider Vinegar

    If shampooing is taking longer than you would like, or you’re having to shampoo twice to get your scalp and hair as clean as you would like, try adding apple cider vinegar to your shampoo. This will help break up dirt and buildup allowing your shampoo to work a little deeper and get to a clean head of hair faster.


    Beanies, Hats, and Accessories

    Hats and beanies are especially great for this time of year — great for the look and keeping warm in the chilly weather. Instead of manipulating or styling your whole head of hair, throw a hat on so you’ll only be left with a small section of bangs — or no bangs at all! If you aren’t feeling your ‘fro in the morning and don’t have time to play around with styles, bobbypins, hair flowers and scarves are great for under 2 minute styling.

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