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    [youtube]q406ucIttLE[/youtube]Stylist:PrettyDimplesGoal:To have straight natural hair that movesProducts:Shampoo to co-wash hair and a heat protestant, the stylist used Zone Heat, Protection Spray and a flat iron.Level of difficulty:Easy The stylist in the video co-washed her hair and then let it air dry over night. Once dry, she sectioned off her hair into four sections and then twisted it. The next day, she used a big-tooth comb to go through her hair and then a blow dryer to further get out any kinks. She repeated this process until all her was done. After her hair was completely blown out, she then sectioned it off, and parted about 1-inch pieces of her hair and used a flat iron (the stylist used a flat iron by Gold-N-Hot) to straighten out her natural locks. She began from the root of her hair all the way to the ends and repeated it about two or three times. As you can see, the stylist added a small bump to her hair while she was straightening. Ladies, if you want, do the same. If not, get creative with your flat iron and add some feathers to your hair, or loose flowing curls. The style is very simple, but may take a while, so allot some time for it. This is a nice style to try on a rainy Saturday afternoon when you’re just lounging around your house in your jammies. And remember ladies; natural hair doesn’t mean boring hair. For more natural hair youtube videos, check out my list of faves by clicking here or you can subscribe to our youtube channel, where you’ll find are top 100 favorite natural hair tutorials for all hair types. As always, stay natural CT]]>

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