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    The sun is finally out, the temperature is rising, and longer days are ahead. The coming of summer means the dark colors of winter are gone. These are some great shades to lighten things up.


    Zoya Nail Color Shay

    Great against brown skin, this peachy polish is an opaque nude with just a little shimmer.


    Essie Nail Color Go Ginza

    A creamy pale pink that is soft and feminine.


    Chanel Nail Color Frenzy

    A subtle light brown mixed with a little grey, this neutral polish goes with everything.


    L’Oreal Nail Color New Money

    Who says pale has to be boring? The vibrant apple green is a fresh choice.


    Revlon Nail Color Whimsical

    For real fun try this pale blue polish with flecks of pink and blue glitter.



    What are your favorite Summer polishes?

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