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    Drinking tea is said to have many benefits for your body, but teas aren’t just for drinking. Did you know that tea is healthy for your hair too? Tea rinses can reduce shedding, increase shine, and strengthen your hair.

    Here’s how to get started with a simple DIY all natural tea rinse for your natural kinks, curls, and waves:

    1. Brew 2 cups of tea. You can use black tea, green tea, or any other tea of your choosing. Feel free to experiment with herbal teas and the regular supermarket varieties to find one to your liking.
    2. Let the tea steep for a few hours or even overnight.
    3. Transfer the tea to a bowl, pitcher, or even a spray bottle.
    4. After shampooing your hair pour the tea on your hair. (or spray if using the spray bottle)
    5. Let the tea sit on your hair for 20-30 minutes. (do not rinse)
    6. Put a moisturizing deep conditioner on your hair. (We recommend TGIN Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner for buttery smooth moisture retention.)
    7. After 10-15 with heat rinse the conditioner out.
    8. Style your hair as desired.

    For optimal and noticeable results, we recommend doing tea rinses weekly. Don’t give up after just one use! As with anything in your hair regimen it is important to see how your hair responds over time.

    Any favorite tea rinse recipes you care to share? 

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