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Kiss dry hair goodbye and say hello to soft, beautiful moisturized curls with our new tgin Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner & Detangler. This lightweight formula is packed with green tea, shea butter, and argan oil, fortified with the perfect combination of moisture and antioxidants.

With every use, your natural hair will feel more manageable, smoother, and healthier. Here are just 5 of many reasons why your hair will LOVE our new leave in conditioner — and reasons why you should take the time to condition your hair after every wash and throughout the week!

1. Detangling

Apply a generous amount of leave in throughout your freshly washed hair to make detangling a breeze. You’ll cut back on time and breakage! Be sure to use a wide tooth comb first, to comb through knots before going through with a brush.

2. Growth

Conditioning your hair on a regular basis helps ensure healthy hair growth by preventing breakage. Concentrate our leave in formula on your fragile ends. Avoid applying the product too close to your roots and scalp to avoid smothering your scalp!

3. Texture

Your hair will feel softer and more manageable with every use. When your hair is thirsty and dry, it is bound to misbehave! Our leave in formula is free of sticky gels, allowing your hair to maintain its natural curl pattern while providing optimal moisture so your natural curl pattern can pop.

4. Frizz Fighting

Applying our leave in to your wet hair will help prevent frizzies and flyaways after air drying. For an even longer lasting style, we recommend applying our leave in conditioner first before applying our twist and define cream so your hair will remain frizz free all day long!

5. Moisture

Our leave in moisture is fortified with antioxidant rich green tea, shea butter, and argan oils to replenish the natural oils of your hair that tend to be stripped with every wash. As beautiful as curls, kinks and waves can be, they make it quite hard for the natural oils of your scalp to reach your entire hair shaft! Applying a regular amount of leave in conditioner helps rebalance the moisture levels in your hair after washing. To avoid stripping your hair of moisture during wash time, we recommend using our sulfate free shampoo. 


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