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    There are hundreds of reasons why you might need a stimulative to grow hair faster. Perhaps it has something to do with a horrible haircut or even a bald spot that is starting to become a problem. But maybe some of you just want to have that long, flowing beautiful hair that you once had decades ago. Here are some easy and healthy herb solutions to address these issues:Saw PalmettoFamous for slowing down the hair loss process. This herb has been used for many years as a healing herb. You wouldn’t know this otherwise, but there is a dark red berry that in the end produces a fine dried powder. Whether you are attached to ointments, capsules, or teas, this herb comes in all forms.Stinging NettleGrown across America, this herb comes in pill or capsule form. This earthly treasure is know to be more effective when used in combination with saw palmetto. In essence, this herb protects and blocks the conversation of testosterone into DHT, which is a massive cause for hair loss in men and women.Aloe VeraGel formula. Stimulates hair production and also protects the scalp and hair. Properties of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant are the major contributor to this herb’s well-known success on many health levels.Green TeaStudies have shown, especially in male-type baldness, that a simple fix of drinking several cups of green tea will help fight the battle of hair loss and attribute to regrowth of hair. If you aren’t keen on green tea, you can always opt for the capsule.HorsetailSome of you may have heard of something called ‘silica’, but in case you haven’t, this is a well-known herb that contains a lot of silica. This herbal medicine is known to aid in repairing connective tissue in the skin, revive hair and create a fast growing crop of hair on your head.]]>

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