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10 Nail Designs Perfect for Valentine’s Day

10 Nail Designs Perfect for Valentine’s Day



    Valentine’s day is right around the corner ladies! You might have the perfect outfit, hairstyle and shoes but one must never forget about the nails! Clean, polished and beautiful nails add the final touch to any ensemble, especially special occasions. Here are our ten favorite nails designs for Valentine’s Day.



    1. French Manicure 


    Nothing says classic beauty more than the french manicure. The french manicure is classic, beautiful and clean. It will give you an innocent and sophisticated look while not taking the attention away from your outfit!

    2. Red Nails 

    Red nails are sexy, timeless and daring! If you are looking for a sexy and clean look, try red nails for vday!

    3. Nude


    Nude nails are perfect for any day but for valentines day they are especially cute. Nude nails are subtle and won’t be too distracting, perfect for a bold outfit.

    4. Pink Nails


    Pink nails are flirty, fun and refreshing. Grab your favorite pink nail polish and get ready for some fun with your sweetie.

    5. Black Nails 


    Black nails are daring and mysterious! If you are going for an intriguing look for your night out, definitely try black nails!

    6. Simple Nail Design 


    If you want to add a little design to your nails without going over the top, this marble look is perfect. This looks adds a little flavor without going over the top.

    7.Love Nails


    Nothing says love, well better than love! This cute design will spell out exactly how you feel on this lovers holiday!

    8. Half Matte Nails 


    This matte mixture is not only gorgeous it’s unique. These nails will set off your overall look for a breathtaking finish.

    9. Heart Nail Designs 


    If you want to keep your nails sexy with a little bit of cute, this nail design is perfect for you! Add a heart to one nail keep the rest simple. Your date will love it!

    10. Jeweled Nails


    Add a cute jewelry accent to your nails for additional flare! These nails are the epitome of girly and fun!


    How will you be rocking your nails this Valentine’s Day?


    Ashley Renee is a licensed esthetician,makeup artist, natural hair enthusiast, writer and poet from Chicago,residing in Los Angeles! Follow her on instagram @ashleyreneepoet 


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