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Gypsy or Goddess locs have been trending for quite some time now and for good reason. These gorgeous locs are a great protective natural style and are extremely low maintenance. New growth actually looks good with this style and only adds to the boho look of the locs. To achieve this look be sure to wash, condition, and detangle thoroughly beforehand. Keep reading for the best tgin hair products to use to keep hair well-hydrated before styling and check out the video below thoroughly explaining how to get beautiful boho/goddess locs!

First start with clean hair. Throughly cleanse the hair starting with the scalp, working the shampoo from roots to ends.


Source: Meagan Good for Hairstylehub

Our Rose Water Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo gently cleanses hair, leaving it moisturized without a greasy finish, making it perfect for goddess locs!


  1. Promotes hair growth
  2. Moisturizes and protects
  3. Repairs dead skin cells
  4. No sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing


Next, deep condition the hair usingtgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask. Our Honey Miracle Hair Mask is an instant makeover for dry, damaged or colored-treated hair. This luxurious deep conditioner contains raw honey for softer, shinier tresses and jojoba and olive oils, which nourish and heal strands in need of repair.


  1. Restores life to dry, damaged, or color treated hair
  2. Improves shine and manageability
  3. Locks in moisture and repairs damage
  4. Reduces shedding and breakage
  5. No parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing

Before styling the hair, it’s important to keep hair moisturized. tgin’s Butter Cream Moisturizer  is enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E, and will give your strands the moisture they need and crave for soft, shiny, manageable hair.


  1. Hydrates dry curls and coils
  2. Improves manageability
  3. Reduces frizz and fly aways
  4. Promotes healthy hair growth, shine, and softness
  5. No parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing

Once hair is thoroughly washed, conditioned, and deep conditioned, be sure to detangle gently starting at the ends and work your way up.

How to do goddess/boho locs

  1. Braid your hair into small sections that will be used for the locs.
  2. If you want a real boho look and don’t mind having hair out, leave out baby hair and hair around the perimeter of your head that can be curled.
  3. If the locs don’t have a curl to them, braid wavy hair onto some or all of your hair.
  4. Next, wrap the loc hair around each braid insuring that it is secure.
  5. Once all the hair is loc’d you’ve completed this style!

To keep hair moisturized while in this style, try out our natural hair serums!

Check out @Symoneprotectivestyles showing us how to do this easy style below!

Will you be wearing goddess locs this season?

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